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Thankyou, for your reply, its people like you what give me hope to carry on. what scares me its only me who seems to have this feeling all the time , i would think it was anxiety if it wasnt there 24 7 and mine seem to come on me when i took a tablet if you have read my previous posts thats why i cant get it in my head thats its a form of anxiety. I just feel so exhausted with this it is so horrible, when i tell my friends how i feel , they say isnt it weired , they say to look at you , you wouldnt think there was anything wrong you look so well.Im scared im going to send myself crazy because its on my mind 24/7 thinking back to when i felt well and was a person who lived life to the full. doctors in england are fed up of me i dont like going anymore because they just tell me to live with it , i would like to see them living with it . i am thinking of moving doctors because theres only 2 of them and they both as bad as each other. Ive got the linden method my sister got for me last year , but i cant do it, just feel theres no hope left for me , i just feel ive got this mystery illness that nobody knows what it is , just want my life back and to go back to the person i once was. once again thankyou for giving me help and there is one good thing whats come out of this is how nice people are like you giving up time to help and other people on this board also.

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