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I was on klonopin for 7 months, .125 mg 2x a day,made me feel good in the begining, but lately i just started feeling heart palpatations,just wasn't feeling well,dry mouth feeling even depression.wan't sleeping well I called my doctor,first he said to take an extra dose in the afternoon, made me feel worse , so he said to cut down on the klonopin, I was only taking .125mg, so I cut the tablets in 1/2, still didn't feel well, so on my own I went back to lorazepam, Well guess what, I felt pretty good, didn't feel so sick. I would take 1/2 of the klonopin tablet at 7am then I would take .25mg of lorazepam at 2pm, then another 25mg at around 8pm If I needed it, No more heart palpatations,, I feel better,more energy,I am sleeping all nite, eventually I will cut the klonopin in quarters, till I can come off of it, I thought klonopin was going to work great, I was on lorazepam for 8 years for anxiety and panic attacks, was taking .5 mg 3xaday, doctor said he wanted to try a longer lasting medication,thats why he switched me to klonopin and then he would eventually wean me off, Just didn't work, I even thought I was getting that rebound effect.Because I was on such a low dose of Klonopin, But after 7 months, I thought things would be getting better.Thanks for listening
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When my doctor switched me to klonopin, He had me take .125 mg at 6am and at 6pm, and told me to take a .25mg tablet of lorazapem at noon,and then cut the tablets into quarters for another week I guess till the klonopin started taking affect, , I thought it was to also sort of wean me off of the lorazepam. I felt calm at first, but for some reason the klonopin, months later just stopped working for me.
It's been 4 days since I started taking the lorazepam again, still taking 1/2 of a .125mg tablet,of klonopin,I sorta feel out of it, I will take the.25mg tablet of lorazepam at noon, I just don't feel that great after taking the klonopin.I won't be taking it much longer, Just taking it slow, don't want any withdrawl symptoms, I know they are the same type of benzo, but they say the make up is diffrent. I'm so tired of this, as most of all of you are, Thanks for listening and for your replys. God Bless all of you.

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