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I can relate exactly. I had all of those symptoms and then some. I also had severe stomach pains. The intrusive thoughts were the worst back in the day because they made me contiplate how horrible of a person I was due to the messed up things going through my head. I thought I had schizoprenia, ulcers, hypoglycemia, etc. Anything that would physically explain the physical anguish I was creating for myself. Anyway, I did a lot of reading on anxiety dissorders and found a name that fit my particular form of anxiety and it is Pure OCD. I have just the obsessive thoughts and panic attacks either caused by or causing the anxiety. So, yea man, I know exactly how you feel. You probably have hit some depressing times when the panic and anxiety is at its worse and you are worn down by stress. That is when I am at my lowest for sure, but it isn't depression in the clinical sense, it is depression that you are battling this anxiety dissorder daily that is draining you of your energy and eventually you just crash. You pick yourself up after a good cry and life goes on and the cycle continues. Don't worry, it isn't Bipolar dissorder either, you just have an anxiety dissorder.

Now, how do you fix it? First things you need to do if you haven't already is eleiminate alcohol, caffiene, cigarettes, and other toxins from your system. Once this is done you will know exactly where your anxiety stands because alcohol actually helps anxiety in the short term. Many alcoholics are people with anxiety dissorder that can't stop drinking because of the anxiety that will come. Also:

Eat good quality food
Exercise (huge help)
Meditate (really huge help with the thought intrusions) Do some research on Mindfulness Meditation. It really helps a lot!!!

As for medication, start with herbal remedies and see if they will help first:

St. Johns Wort is a natural antidepressant. It didn't help me, but don't knock it until you try it I guess and everyone is different.
Kava Kava helped a lot with mild anxiety, but didn't stop major panic attacks. The kind that have you leaving work early and when you get home you are wondering why you left in the first place or the ones that land you in the ER for potential migranes or ulcers?
Valerian is also good for anxiety. You can get Kava and Valerian in tea and pill form. I took a combo because the tea was really relaxing but doesn't have a therapeutic dose of the herb in it.

Try all of this first!

If you have to take meds, in my opinion, the Benzodiazepenes are the best for what you and I have, which is some form of panic/OCD anxiety dissorder. They will eliminate almost all of your anxiety and really quickly (within 15 minutes). I take 2-2.5 mg per day as needed and it has changed my life. I am able to be a father to my little girl and I can get through tough days at work etc., so I consider it a success. Anyway, the SSRI's and other antidepressants I found to increase my anxiety and actually make my symptoms much worse. I got weird feelings in my head and had all kinds of strange feelings throughout my body which didn't help the obsessive side of me, so I decided that I would never take them again. That was about ten years ago. I got by with only herbs and exercise until I got married and had my first daughter and then the stress was just too much. I now take the xanax. .5 mg 4x per day and it works great. I thought at one point that I would need to continue to raise my dosage forever, but it does stabalize once your brain is saturated with the chemicals that block your GABA receptors. The stuff is wonderful and causes no side effects at all. Remember, Benzo's are not addictive, but they can and do cause dependency in some people. Your liver and you rbrain get used to the drug and that makes it very dangerous to quit cold turkey. If you start the Benzos and take them for a long time at large doses then plan on weaning off of them for a long time as well.

I think, honestly, I will be on the Xanax for the rest of my days in various dosages. Sometimes more sometimes less depends on how stressful my life is, but as I said before, it really doesn't effect me at all at work or at home. In fact my wife says I act like new man and she likes the change.

Anyway, that is my huge dialogue. I am done now, so I hope you got something out of this and understand a little more about your dissorder. There is no cure for Pure OCD or any other anxiety dissorder, but there are definitely coping mechanisms that can make your life worth living again and that is priceless. Read some of the other coping mechanisms out there. The more you know, the moer you can challege your doctor to get you the correct treatment.

If you get a chance check out the OCD board and read the latest post by Nice chap. He said he solved the OCD dilema, and he has. His techniques, whether he knows it or not, are classic meditation techniques used for thousands of years to help us neurotics get through our tough days. LOL.

Take care,

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