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i stopped the lexapro because i was still having anxiety while on it, i tried zoloft and that was awful. i decided to stop the lexapro to see how i felt without all these drugs. the lexapro was wonderful the first month or so and then just did not do it for me. i did not want to increase it because i was already sluggish from the 10 mg. so i am just going to try to do without it. i am glad to know i will feel better. yes it is a come and go feeling in my head too. thank you for your input. :)
it is my cardiologist that had me on lexapro and he was the one that told me no withdrawal effects because it is not a habit forming drug, but i knew better. he told me to just quit it cold turkey, but i told him i would rather taper off. i was on 10mg and he said go down to 5 mg for month then quit. actually since i have quit i feel better than when i was on it. i not so nervous and antsy. my head feels clearer. well good to know these brain zaps will go away. thanks everyone for your input.

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