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The prescription was for a purpose. If your doctor intended you to take is "as needed", he would have prescribed it that way. There are reasons why doctors don't prescribe Benzo's as needed. For instance, if you take it 3x daily the drowsiness wears off quickly never to be seen again. Also, taking it as needed doesn't keep the drug in yoru blood stream constantly which allows panic and anxiety to get at you between doses. I personally would avoid Klonopin because I have heard it can cause mild depression and it sounds like you are there. Xanax or Ativan would probably be better, but give it a shot before you quit using it.

I take Xanax 2mg per day. It has changed my whole life. I feel 100% better most of the time, but still have some days when I don't feel well. Very rarely do I have bad days in comparison to before. Your therapist is correct, you need to throw yourself into the world and keep yourself busy. You probably have too much time on your hands to brood about how horrible anxiety dissorder is. I did the same thing, so take no offense.

Take the Klonopin like the doctor prescribed and give it a week. You should start feeling better. Then I would look into cognitive behavioral therapy or meditation as a method to help you with your thought control etc.

You can't beat the disease. You will have it for the rest of your life, but what is worse. Worrying about how a drug is going to affect you or never getting to go on vacation with you family? Try the Klonopin and see what happens and if that doesn't work try Ativan or Xanax. Lay off the SSRI's because it sounds like all they do is cause you grief. Again, same thing here. I have tried them all and had horrible side effects with all of them.

Quit smoking
Quit drinking
Quit caffeine
I had to quit them all before I could even begin to find out how to fix my problem.

Exercise as much as you can
meditate and use cbt to relax

This should help you a lot.

Good luck,

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