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The prescription was for a purpose. If your doctor intended you to take is "as needed", he would have prescribed it that way. There are reasons why doctors don't prescribe Benzo's as needed. For instance, if you take it 3x daily the drowsiness wears off quickly never to be seen again. Also, taking it as needed doesn't keep the drug in yoru blood stream constantly which allows panic and anxiety to get at you between doses. I personally would avoid Klonopin because I have heard it can cause mild depression and it sounds like you are there. Xanax or Ativan would probably be better, but give it a shot before you quit using it.

I take Xanax 2mg per day. It has changed my whole life. I feel 100% better most of the time, but still have some days when I don't feel well. Very rarely do I have bad days in comparison to before. Your therapist is correct, you need to throw yourself into the world and keep yourself busy. You probably have too much time on your hands to brood about how horrible anxiety dissorder is. I did the same thing, so take no offense.

Take the Klonopin like the doctor prescribed and give it a week. You should start feeling better. Then I would look into cognitive behavioral therapy or meditation as a method to help you with your thought control etc.

You can't beat the disease. You will have it for the rest of your life, but what is worse. Worrying about how a drug is going to affect you or never getting to go on vacation with you family? Try the Klonopin and see what happens and if that doesn't work try Ativan or Xanax. Lay off the SSRI's because it sounds like all they do is cause you grief. Again, same thing here. I have tried them all and had horrible side effects with all of them.

Quit smoking
Quit drinking
Quit caffeine
I had to quit them all before I could even begin to find out how to fix my problem.

Exercise as much as you can
meditate and use cbt to relax

This should help you a lot.

Good luck,
Hi, since I first started this post I realized I have cycling depression,it's hard to explain but anxiety accompanys it. It is what put me out of work, today I may feel ok and tomorrow so depressed and exhausted getting out of bed is tough, I found there is no trigger to the cycle?I think my p-doc mentioned unipolar depression and prescribed me depakote 500mg daily but by what I have read it's for "mania" which I do not have and I have not got it filled.I want to get better but I am afraid her medication plan may be wrong but I am no doctor.I think my wife is getting fed up with all of this to, cant say I blame her.Should I research and question what goes into my body or am I wrong for that?
Hyper I have been suffering from severe panic disorder w/agorphobia and depression since I was fifteen. I am now twenty eight. I have been to the er twice when I was 16 and once when I was twenty. One thing I have learned after 13 years and talkling to every doctor and taking every medication is that simpy there is no simple answer. Now they have all these self help books and stuff like that wich I have try them all with little success. They were all basic ways of changing thought patterns wich I already knew how to do but people do not understand this is only for moderate not severe. I sure all the self helpers would argue that but I would argue with them that they have never experienced a real panic attack. It sucks. Most doctors have never experienced a panic attack nor can they understand quite how bad they feel. It is very hard to figure out wich is the problem the axiety or the depression...well after alot of research I have learned they are like peas and carrots. And you can have them at the exact same time contrary to what many people say. I wish I had an answer for you. My heart is with you in your troubles and I understand...I usally do not waste my time with people that say they have axiety because with most people they cannot relate to the severaty. It's like talking to someone who has seen a dust devel and you have an f5 tornado...but you are one of the people I can relate to everything you said incliding job problems related to this illness. I wife tries to help but sometimes I just give up and get as drunk as I can. Wich is bad cause hang overs worsen axiety and over all quality of life...but I do it anyways out of disperity. All I do every day is just try. I was like you also...I was scared just to leave my house let alone work. I have 1 mg klonapin and .5 xanax and They both do help and as far as getting addicted whats worse living like that or getting addicted. I have quit them was hard but not as bad as thought...although If you can deal without them it is better cause your more mentaly focused. But I just take mine. I did not take them for awhile but then I relized I still avioded every trigger or situation. Now I take a couple and do what I want. I someone has a better answer I would love to try it...Xanax is a crutch I know but it a micracle for people who suffer...its like insulin for people who suffer from diabetes...sure they can life without it if they avoid every thing they enjoy in life. I had a co working and tried to do his diabetes through natural metheds with bad results. I have tried all the natures herbs and everything else I it just did not work for me. Plz share anything with me or ask me anything...It feels really good to talk to people who really now. You said you were a truck driver for a while?? I thought about doing that but bein on the road makes my axiety worse but the job market sucks right now and I am desperate. How did you like it?? Would you have liked it if you did not suffer from panic disorder?? I remember having theis disorder for two years before they even diognest it cause it really was not a huge issue in 1995 I wonder what happened. I think doctors just finally started publisihing a teaching people about the disorder...I dont believe it was any new. But there was lack of knowlege and research when I was first diagnost. Sorry for the book. Could'nt help myself. Hope to here from you soon.
Hi, very sorry hear you suffer from the same,I admit it's a rough road never knowing what or how you will feel tomorrow.I never in a million years would have though I would have ended up like this. I have tried all the best methods on the market and have all the knowledge of getting better but as you said it depends on how bad the problem is.I searched for 6 years, doctor after doctor trying to find a physical cause which there was none. I have had over the years 25 or more ER visits some for anxiety itself or either anxiety making something worse than what it is.I go to thearpy every 2 weeks and have for over 3 years actually on my 4th different counceler, seems I know as much as they do. My wife is opposite than me and glad she is, nothing bothers her at all, she goes to bed and is asleep in 5 minutes, it takes me hours and I wake up feeling worse than I did when I went to sleep,I dont know if I could make it without her,she is great and tries to help me. I enjoyed driving trucks, did it for 4 years. I started at the company part time as a van driver as I was fired from my previous job due to my problems, the guy driving trucks for them quit so I went with the flow got my cdl and started full time.I did ok at first but as time passed my anxiety/depression got so bad I was missing to many days, if I worked a week without leaving early or missing a day I was sick.It has been a year since I worked but managed to do small jobs here and there around home, mechanic work ect. as I feel like to make ends meet. I'm not sure if I would be here today if I was still working the depression got so bad with the lack of sleep,fatigue,stress I just could not handle it. My boss fired me and in as sense I was happy.I still have panic attacks but have managed to control them really thats how it began, I had my first 7 years ago getting ready for work, thought it was a stroke and went to the ER but I was fine prior to that,something changed that day that altered something in my brain and I had them over and over, heart palpitations, constant shortness of breath, weakness just a vicious cycle of problems.It caused me to loose everything I worked so hard to get, my home,cars,property I was down to nothing!! I look back when I was normal and remember the things I use to do, working 12-15 hours a day being a husband, a good provider I guess what is considered to be a man, had lots of hobbies and friends.We have a 6 year old daughter that I love with all my heart and regret not having the motivation to play with her and teach her things, it is hard to explain or put into words but she does not understand what I go through, my mom is 75 and lives alone less than 6 miles away and I see her less than 30 minutes a month, I'm sure she wonders whats wrong with me and sure I'll regret not seeing her more often when the day comes.My pdoc has give up on me I think, I have tried all the meds and none help but seem to make matters worse, she only recommends thearpy.I spend 99% of my time here at home and that's not good,even the smallest plan such as taking my little girl to school is rough,It's as you said with the tornado, people do not understand what it's like to be trapped and afraid.My wife and child are going to Orlando, leaving Saturday for a week,she has saved for a long time to go,I'm not going.I am really afraid about her leaving and being alone, she is my crutch. I have been counting the days on the calendar just like my little girl but in a different way, maybe I'll be ok, perhaps I will improve by doing things for myself for a change, going to the post office ect....I wish she would not go but she is and I need to stay positive,I cant spoil their fun, they deserve the vacation.8 years ago I'd been gung ho about going and had the gitters pacing the floor to go.I'm sure me and you both will find the answer we need to get better in time.I have not tried prozac yet,I have a appt with my p-doc Wed and thinking about asking again if I can try it, she thinks I'm bipolar but my thearpist dont,I have no mania or highs,I'm a puzzle to them.I applied for disability last november and was denied, they said there were jobs in the market for me and that I had job skills and a good education I was able to perform some jobs, heck who is going to say work for me and come and go as you please??I have a hard time here at home,I filed for reconsideration with a lawyers help and they said the denial rate is just as high at this stage of the filing and it may take a year for a judge hearing, we cant make it that long without good money coming in.I'll keep in touch

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