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i've been a loner for most of my life. i've always tended to shy away from people at every opportunity. i enjoy my own company and dread it when i'm in a crowd or i have to make idle chit chat with people i hardly know or like. even the thought of a family get-together fills me with fear and horror because i've always felt like the misfit of the family and i don't know what to talk about. i can't wait to get back home and put the tv on or read a book or just go to bed. i do like walking in the countryside on my own. i never feel sad or lonely. i don't think friends are that important, they only let you down anyway or they want you to go somewhere with them when you just want to stay home but you feel obliged to go and you end up feeling miserable and isolated. i talked to my doctor about the way i feel and she said to just be yourself, if people don't like you they way you are then thats their problem. just carry on doing what you do, and don't let anyone try and make you feel uncomfortable or weird. you are the most important person in your life and you live it in the way that makes you that happiest.
take care
julie :)

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