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hi NicoletteAshley,

you're on your way then! :) good that you're starting individual therapy! you're going to learn a lot!! hopefully, the therapist will be a good one.

even if you're not 100% bipolar, lithium carbonate can work wonders as a mood stabilizer!!!!. it also calms one down, and helps many women with PMS (i have horrible PMS symptoms). you don't necessarily have to be placed on an antipsychotic!!!!!

p.s. lexapro didn't work for me either--it was like taking candy....also, xanax works too quickly, and gets out of the body too quickly, leaving you "without" perhaps when you need it most....

klonopin lasts the longest (it takes the longest to leave the body, that is), and it was the only medication that helped my panic attacks).

nicky, sometims drs. label us without giving too much thought to the problem. you make sure that you stand up and speak up for yourself!!!! don't be just a "patient." it's a two-way street here. the dr. works for you and with you, not alongside you. you're not going to be an "invalid" patient in this process!!. if you think he/she is saying or thinking something you do not agree with, you should tell him/her!!!! you are your own best advocate, nicky!!!!
good luck to you, girl!!!! :)

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