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Re: Hi! I'm new
Jan 15, 2007

I think it is best to avoid the alcoholic husband for now. I also have OCD and panic problems and have had them since I was very young. The Klonopin will definitely help you and you have to stop reading the side effects for every drug you take. The Klonopin will have a mild sedative effect and after you have taken it for a few days that should go away and really there are no side effects unless you stop taking it abruptly after taking large amounts for a long time which you are not. Definitely take the Klonopin. The Benzo's are the most underprescribed medicine for anxiety dissorders out there and they are also the best at controlling the symptoms and they work fast!

What happened is some people got into the use of Benzo's for recreational purposes and took large doses to catch a buzz. Some got addicted at large doses, we are talking handfulls of the stuff here, and when they ran out or couldn't get some more they had seizures and it has killed people. The dosage you will be taking is nothing near the dose that is required to cause people this kind of damage. I take Xanax alone for my OCD and it is the only thing that helps. I will probably take it for the rest of my life so long as it works for me.

Consider the following as well:
Quit drinkink, smoking, caffeine etc.
Exercise and eat well
Mindfulness Meditation (This really helps with the OCD thoughts!!!)
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is also a good solution for OCD, especially with compulsions such as your hand washing.

Welcome to the board.
Re: Hi! I'm new
Jan 15, 2007
Klonopin is not fast acting, it peaks around 3 hours or so I think, but you should start feeling it after 30 minutes. I take .5 mg's , the lowest dose, I don't get a good feeling for an hour. Xanax is faster acting, but does not last as long.

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