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I just realized that I might have an anxiety disorder :eek: I thought it was normal a few years ago, but . . well, here are my symtoms.

In social situations, with people I don't know too well; even with people that I have known for years, or situations where I feel I have to 'impress' somebody in a particular way -- I.E., explaining something to somebody, job interviews, talking with deans at my school, etc:

Extreame Persperation (within a minute or so)
Racing heartrate, palpitations, etc
Not breathing much, difficult to breathe
Feeling of tension in muscles, especially facial muscles
Feeling *extreamly* detatched from everything around me -- as if I'm not even in my body.
*Severe Shaking of my mouth/lips when I talk

The last one is most annoying, as when I speak, well . . people notice :rolleyes: I find myself paying close attention to every single move that I make, and way that I speak; these are usually situations where im *sitting down*. Oddly enough, if im walking outside or something, these symtoms never occur.

I also tend to *jump* in sock when somebody walks around a corner or something. It really doesn't look right,.

My social background is not much. I'm a very quite person, usually programming on my computer, or thinking about various intellectual things.

Anyway, this is extreamly annoying and prevents me from doing alot of things. Again, this only happends in situations where I feel that I need to impress the person I'm talking with in some way. Even sometimes, I don't feel as though I need too -- but it happends anyway.

I also drink coffee and smoke cigarettes.

Could somebody please suggest something to help me out :p I lost my health insurance a few weeks ago, so I can't see the doc :\

Thanks alot! :wave:

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