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I can relate to your anxiety Divalou. It all started for me over a year a go I met a new girl wonderful lovely caring etc. Just around the time of meeting her I had a new job opportunity which would also mean i would have to relocate some distance away. So after a few weeks I plucket up the courage to ask her to join me which she lapped up with excitement. so we started looking at houses together this became extremely stressful with spending large amounts of our weekend dashing about instead of spending time falling in love. After a few weeks of this stressful house hunting i had a full blown panic attack relaxing on the sofa with my girl. which lasted for two days. Almost a nervous breakdown. Automatically triggered questioning how i felt about her. She then ebcame a trigger and a worry of it happening again when with her. It carmed down a bit but i still felt an underlying anxiety when with her. But coped in the best way.

We moved in after an extremely difficult move with lots of stressful complications. 6 months on and still worry about every little thing in my relationship.

Why we argued about this and that ? Worrying bout not being interested in what she had to say about work ? Worrying that maybe this meant i didn't love her ? Worrying why i felt irrated with her one afternoon ? Worrying when we disagreed on a current affairs or life issues etc ? Worry about when theres a silence and we are not talking in the eveing or out somewhere ? Worrying why i think about all these things ?

Basically all this things normal people in relationships have everyday but they accept them as normal and don't have hangs up bout it. People agrue people get annoyed with each other thats life but it doesn't mean for one second that you don't love them !

A little back ground I have had a bad time with ex's and have not really known what a good relationship is. So am a bit insecure and worry about a return of what happened in the past deep down.

Now i have it i worry about all the things that are normal. And being in a relationship is exciting and we do confuse excitement with worry as it affects are bodies mechanism in a similar way. But due to having had bad anxiety thats all I was caught up with. Its monday at work don't feel exactly 100% "oh it must be anxiety" feel hungover must be anxiety. feel a bit upset by a life issue oh god must be anxiety again. then your mind is trained to automatically do its daily mind and body check. And if there a slight imbalance we automatically worry that its the anxiety again.

Try as the other reply says to turn your anxiousness round to it being good feelings. And wake up saying can't wait to feel anxious about my loved one ohh yeah come on i wanna sit there and think about them all day long..

Keep posted hope you understand more !!!

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