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I had chronic headaches from stress. I took Asprin (and other pain medications), but it would only help for so long. Then I'd take more pain medication, and still the headache would come back. I went to see a specialist, had an MRI done (along with other ultrasound xrays). Nothing. He asked me (the specialist) what I was taking for my headaches. I told him. As it turned out, the pain medication had started a vicious circle. I didn't know taking Asprin could give you a headache. His solution, stop taking them altogether. "Don't take anything for your headaches". So I went cold turkey (as per his instructions). Of course it was impossible for two weeks, but then they tapered off. Now that I think about it, I never would've thought of taking more of my anti-anxiety medication, but I went the natural route. Light stretching exercises, along with self massage (I had a huge knot in my right shoulder that was so tight, it affected the right side of my neck which caused my headaches). I love A535 HOT, and tiger balm (if you don't have tiger balm, you can use Vic, or a generic rub like ICE). The A535 is for my shoulder during massage, and the Vic is for my temples and forehead. My anxiety is ongoing, so I have to pay paticular attention to my back and neck muscles. Works like a charm.:)

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