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[QUOTE=alex12;2755524]I am having a hard time finding the right combo of meds for me. Currently I take Klonopin (which is a benzo) and Paxil. My problem is I am trying to get off the Paxil and switch to a different med with less withdrawl symptoms and one that does not make me so tired. I have tried Effexor (stopped it after hearing the withdrawls with that are bad), tried Zoloft (got bad headaches) and used to be on Lexapro (don't really remember it was a few years back, it may have been ok but not strong enough, I don't know). Anyway , I would appreciate peoples reviews of what seems to work for them...I have a problem with anxiety, derealization and slight depression.
THanks in advance![/QUOTE]

Ok, I didn't see this post. Guess I should've read down first. Newbie here, but I'll get it.

I've been tired on all the SSRI's. Some people (I've been in hospitals many times so I feel confident in saying this) get over it in two weeks of regular use (meaning you take it at the same time every day). I'm surprised you're taking an SSRI for "slight depression". What exactly is derealization?? I've never heard of that one before (as a symptom).

For my anxiety I take clonazapam (2mg at bedtime). Works great on my anxiety, and has an added bonus (only recently discovered), it helps with mild depression.

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