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I have help for you, you poor thing...

Last month, I hospitalized myself in a Behavioral Hospital for Nightmare Disorder and other sleep disturbances, as well as Severe Depression and panic/anxiety attacks.

My psychiatrist saved me. I have had nightmares my entire life. And yes, anxiety can affect your dreams. Studies have proven that if you fall asleep in a bad state of mind, you will wake up in a similar state. So, I surmise that the actual sleep cycle could be effected by anxiety as well.

Out of the clear blue sky, my doctor informed me that Klonopin helps with nightmares. I was shocked. i did not know there was anything to treat nightmares. There are actually two separate disorders, one of which I know you probably have: Nighmare Disorder and Sleep Terrors. I am willing to bet that Klonopin helps with Sleep Terrors as well as Nightmare Disorder, which i suffer from.

In nighmare disorder the dreams are very vivid dreams, and they commonly invovle threats to your health, personal safety, self-esteem, or death. By Vivid, i mean that they significantly interfere with your functioning the next day because you remember the nightmare so clearly.

With Sleep Terrors, you wake up screaming, and the nightmares are fragmented. You often forget what about the nightmare scared you. These are actual psychological disorders found in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

Although a side effect of Klonopin is nightmares, for people with these disorders, it helps. It has some technical thing to do with what stage of sleep the Klonopin effects. Often, you will need to take it wth another sleep aid. One pill puts you to sleep, all stages, and the Klonopin takes care of the sleep stage in which nightmares occur. The doctor started me on 1 mg of Klonopin (which is VERY strong, and equal to about 4 5mg vallium), and 30 milligrams of restorill.

Both of these drugs are benzodiazepines and have a very HIGH POTENTIAL for dependence and addiction. That is why I reccommend for you a non-Benzo such as Ambien or Lunesta to help your sleep, and a lower dose of Klonopin for the nnightmares, such as .25 or .50. I would take Ambien over Restorill, but my insurance does not cover it or Lunesta. I asked my doctor to move me up to two milligrams of Klonopin, and he was very reluctant, and told me if he did that he would not give me any dosage of Restorill. This just happend two days ago, and I have been doing fine on the 2 milligrams (the maximum dosage)

Please, ask your doctor about Klonopin. It helped change my life. responde to me please so i know how you're doing. hope i've helped.


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