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I have dealt with anxiety and panic disorder since I was quite young, mostly about my health. I had my first panic attack at around I have never had any real issues with my personal health, it's just all in my head. I am an obsessive worrier about everything, and eventually my body starting doing strange things....I would get bad heart palpitations and weird heart sensations that I became hyper sensative to them...which in turn causes more worry and more weird body things then I get myself into a panic and my day is ruined, its a sick vicious cycle.
My point here is, last year I went completely numb from the top of my head to my toes, but only on the left side of my body. Before this happened to me my fiance had recently had a really bad accident and almost lost his leg and was hospitalized for 5 days. I stayed in the hospital with him the whole time, I never even went outside. When we got back home I was such a mess, stressed out to the max and worried all the time (we were building a house at the time as well). Thats when I went numb. I thought I had a stroke (my grandma had one in her 30's, I am only 26)...but she had extremely high blood pressure, mine is barely detectable. I went to my chiropractor/kinesiologist and she rules out any back problems, like a pinched nerve or slipped disk, and it definetly was not a stroke. I went along with it and thought eventually it would go away, and I'd go back to normal. The funny thing is that I would go to bed and wake up not feeling numb, but as I started my day, I would go numb again....because my MIND was making this happen to me. All the worry was coming out as physical symptoms, and again the physical syptoms would make me worry more about my health. One day it got so bad, I remember it so clearly, I was driving and this time my whole body went numb. I touched myself all over, pinching my face, legs......i could feel NOTHING. I thought this is it, I have some terminal illness and I'm dying. i called my mom and asked her to take mt to the ER. I drove to her house, i don't know how because I was such a mess, and she calmed me down. She knew it was the anxiety and I was in a full on panic attack. She did not take me to the ER and after I calmed down, so did the numbness, yet my left side was still numb. The following day I began seeing a psychologist. Within a few days of therepy, the numbness went away and hasn't come back. I am not cured from my anxiety at all, I just have some better ways of dealing with it thanks to getting help. It really is all in our heads and our mind is so powerful and has so much affect on our bodies.
As for my health anxiety, I am still stuck on my heart, even though there is nothing wrong with it.

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