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Oh, I'm pretty sure I'm in periomenopause. In fact, I think I've been there for five years. It's either that or a really weird case of PCOS (I have a lot of the symptoms of the syndrome.) But who's going to take that seriously at my age (36)? Even if I have my hormones tested, I know the results are not reliable. Hormones fluctuate day to day and hour to hour. So that's kind of like finding a needle in a haystack. And yes, in the past five years I've had my thyroid checked three times. It's always been normal.

It's time to have my Remeron refilled. I just left a message with my doctor to discuss the matter. I am going to request that I be tapered off it (I'll also broach the hormonal topic with her then). I don't believe it's doing much of anything for me except exhausting me. (BTW, I never did experience any constipation problems with it.) I have considered trying another AD, but with the Remeron being a complete flop, I don't think I want to go there. I'll just be wasting another six months of my life with something that is entirely useless and might only add to my problems with side effects.

I'm just going to suck it up and come clean of this stupid drug. (I went into this whole thing thinking ADs were a farce and I'm coming out feeling no differently.) Then I'm going to try therapy again. I have a lot of issues that need to be dealt with and the lack of appetite/constant nausea is just one of them.

I'm so glad the Remeron helped you to eat normally again, even if it was at the expense of a few extra pounds. I have resigned myself to the fact that I'll have to force myself to eat for the rest of my life. I know...there are millions of people out there who wish they had my problem, but if they could just experience it for several months like I have, they'd never wish for it again.

[QUOTE=anxiousinnj;2792384]Hey Kathy,

It is possible to go through early perimeno-- not saying that IS the problem, but doesn't hurt having base line levels done. It is exhausting trying to find a doc who will do this though & when you're in a bad mental state there is just no energy for it...I know. Just keep it in mind as a possibility.
Have you had thyroid testing? That's another female area which tends to be neglected.

As for the Remeron- you know I'm still on the fence with all of this & some days I say'that's it I'm getting off all of it & see how I will be...then I get scared it will be worse. And the p-doc has most assuredly told me in her opinion I would be much worse...sigh...
I am almost off the Buspar- down to 7.5 mgm/day for another 2 days then off . She wanted me to up the Remeron to 45 mgm/day, how ever I would like to space it out,. Have left it at 30 mgm at night & have only aded 7.5 mgm around noon time-- so far nothing too bad from adding more. I don't get sedated or anything from that additional 7.5 mgm, but have been too chicken to add the other 7.5 mgm because I need to be aler throughout the day & really wanted to get the Buspar weaned down first before I make yet another change.
Had you thought of maybe trying a different AD?
I wish I could give you some of my appetite-- I have tried a vegan diet, & then the South Beach diet-- coudl not get thru 2 weeks without any carbs. Carb cravings are what I get. I have cut back, but not completely like I should.


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