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Sorry I was so glim. Like I said though there are a lot of really great coping mechanisms and tools out there that are very helpful. Meditation, CBT, therapy, meds, herbal remedies, exercise, health ie eat well quit drinking smoking caffeine etc. All of these help. With a combo of these things, sure I think you will probably eventually get to go into a drug store again without anxiety.

My only point is that Xanax is not meant to be a short term cure for anxiety and you probably won't be well when you quit. You will probably go right back to how you felt before you took the Xanax. It doesn't work that way and requires a lot of time to wean off of it as do many SSRI's, so if you decided meds are the way to go be prepared to consider a life time of medication or at least a long duration. I hate to use the same old tired analogy, but if you were epileptic or diabetic would you argue about meds that helped you live a better life? This is the same sort of thing.

I have found that meditation is especially helpful in my anxiety though, so if you get a chance to do some research on mindfulness meditation it may really help.

Good luck guys,

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