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Hi Dakota,
I had been taking Effexor and Klonopin up until September when I stopped them both because of headaches and reflux problems and I really was not feeling all the "up". Then the bottom fell out again, the way it always does when I get off meds, except Effexor was definitely (with the exception of Xanax) the worse med to come off of - for me. So I made it through Sept., Oct., Nov., and almost through Dec. when I could stand it no more and went back on the Klonopin .5 tabs split in half, 3x a day. Then I was okay until I took the new antidepressants (short trial) and the increased Klonopin. I did call my doctor. God bless her, I do not hiccup without calling her when I am on a med. (that really is an exaggeration. I am just cautious). I always feel the need to apologize to any doctor that I decide to name as my primary care physician. I feel like I am quite a caseload. I am going to go back to seeing a counselor (new city, new doctors, etc.) and a psychiatrist. Hopefully all will get straight again. Do you feel you will be on meds forever? How do you do? Is it a roller coaster or a cycle-type thing? Is yours mainly anxiety? How long? I have to figure a way to view your message when typing mine. I have a memory like a sieve.

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