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Hello, I am 29 and a wife and mother of 3. I am not stress free (obviously), but I am not completely overwhelmed. I have never had what I considered to be an anxiety attack before. I had an episode a few weeks ago that prompted me to google some of my symptoms and everything keeps leading me back to anxiety/panic attacks. Let me explain what happened. I was laying in bed one night simply trying to go to sleep. All at once I started feeling a little nauseated. I tried to find a more comfortable position to hopefully ignore it and go to sleep. Within just a minute or two the nausea escallated to my heart racing, sweating, chills, hot flashes and trembling. I thought I was having a heart attack! I somehow managed to get myself out of bed and to the bathroom. I felt like I was totally out of control of the situation and scared to death about what I was feeling. I was so hot I had to completely strip out of my pjs and get cold water on myself immediately. I was sweating so much it was pouring off of me. After about 20 minutes all the symptoms I was experiancing started to diminish. Within an hour I was completely fine. Since then, I have noticed that occasionally I'll feel nausous and my hands will start to sweat and I'll feel trembling, but not to the extreme of the first episode. Could this be anxiety or something totally different?

have you had your hormone's checked? it sounds like it could be a case of night sweats. you are young for that but i got them when i was 23 and pregnant. there can be several reasons for hormonal flucuations and i would check that out before assuming it's anxiety. God bless you:angel:
My first panic attack happened the same way and just a month after my son was born. Now 12 years later I still fear another attack like that one. I have then more frequently but less severe and I am still struggling to find out if there is a more physical reason re:diabetes, blood pressure, etc. Good luck

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