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I have done lots of research and the withdrawl from Xanax is comparable to all of the SSRI's that many people take for anxiety dissorder. I go to a specialist in anxiety dissorders, I have also read numerous books on the subject. I am not saying that the drug does not cause dependancy because it clearly does as I stated in my previous post, but to say that it is addictive is not true which is the same with all SSRI's. Xanax and other Benzo's work on GABA receptors in the brain substituting when there is too little GABA being produced by your brain. Once your brain gets used to the Xanax it stops producing the same amount of GABA. Once you take Xanax it takes a couple months to find a stable dose. Once that dosage is found the need to increase is gone and the drug has very few up front side effects unlike SSRI's. When you stop taking the Xanax you have to do it slowly over a long period of time to allow the brain to start producing the GABA again. Look at all the posts on people trying to get off Paxil, Effexor, Lexapro, etc. Then ask how many of them actually felt better on those drugs while taking them and how hard the first month or two of side effects were.

All drugs work differently for different people however if you look at all the people who have had success treating their anxiety dissorder and all the people who haven't you will see that the majority of people who use Benzo's have immediate relief of symptoms and have a much higher success rate than other drugs. I have chatted with many here.

As for the addiction threads. We are talking about a completely different problem here. People who are using small amounts under 4 mg per day have almost a 100% success rate of getting off Xanax. People who have previous addiction problems who started taking Xanax recreationally, took more than prescribed, or were prescribed too much and stopped cold turkey probably were miserable. I don't doubt it at all. However, anxiety dissorder is a life long problem and should be treated as such. Most everyone who has an anxiety dissorder will battle with it for the rest of their life. The objective is to improve the quality of life.

I fully advocate trying these things first:
Quit drinking
Quit smoking
Quit all mind altering drugs including caffeine (big one)
Meditation has been incredibly helpful for me. I practice every morning.
Eat well
Herbal remedies such as Kava and Valerian sometimes work for anxiety

However, if none of this helps the situation to improve a persons quality of life and Xanax monitored by a trained physician and taken by a responsible person does, then by all means take it. I have got my life back as a result of this medication at a very low dose and others have too.

I am afraid we will have to agree to disagree on this one. I won't post anymore on this subject here because I don't want to start a futile arguement. I just want the person who started the thread to not worry about the minescule amount of Xanax she is taking.

Take care,

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