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Re: Provigil....
Mar 4, 2007
I was taking provigil about a year ago. I have fibromyalgia and my rhuemy RX me to help increase energy.
I take Lexapro, adivan, trazidone and also didnt like the idea of taking a drug given to people with narcolepsy. But did take it, cause I am a slug. LOL
I started with a half a pill to see how it made me feel. My rheumy told me not to take it every day, only days I was feeling slugish.
My experience is that it did help with my concentration almost to the point of obsesive, but wow, I was able to accomplish things!!! I did get some blurred vision and I did get the shakes a bit. I felt like my heart rate was a little up with a touch of anxiety on the side. The clenched teeth and the restlessness all together with the other things had me feeling like I took some powdery street drug. Right down to the lack of hunger and weight lose. On the days that I took it, I did need a sleeping pill that night.
I am in a flare right now and was tempted to ask doc for another rx. It would be nice to get something done and have some energy but, is getting something done worth taking a pill that makes me feel edgy? Maybe this is just how my body reacted. I would like to know how everyone else felt on provigil. Just to be able to confirm if I was having reactions to the med or if thats what its supposed to do.
Thanx, hope my info helps someone.
Feel Well, Felicia

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