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.5 is very little, but understand that it takes awhile for Klonopin to take effect unlike Xanax or Ativan. You should also talk with your doctor for any increase in meds.
My psy took me off xanax and switched me to klonopin which i believe is a 10x better drug. I take 1mg once a day at night (around 8pm). It usually starts kicking in in about 45 mins then you'll get the full effect after an hour. So .5mg is a very small dose. I would recommend calling your GP or talking to a psy before you start messing with your dosage. :wave:
I'm really curious about this post. I've been doing much better on my Buspirone and my St. Johns Wort, but it has not worked as fast this time around, I'm on my 8th month with Buspirone, but have had much better results since I went up to 30mg. in December. The St. John's Wort I'm in the 5th month and I like it so far. I still think that in the future somewhere I'm going to end up either on Klonopin or Xanax though and so I follow the Klonopin and Xanax posts rather closely. I only know one lady through a friend of my daughter who is on Klonopin who is 65, and I know two people who are friends with my husband who have taken xanax for over 15yrs. every day and like it, so it's very interesting Bucks85 that you like the Klonopin better than the Xanax, actually you said you love the Klonopin. Could you explain more why you prefer it so much more than the Xanax?


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