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[B]"Lately, everyday I wake up with dizziness, and I am just very, very tired! As soon as I wake up, I feel like an electric shock shooting from my chest to my arms and legs, and making every muscle in my body sore. I can feel anxiety is forming inside of me every morning. But as the day goes on, I feel better and can ignore the anxiety for most of the day. However, the dizziness and severe fatigue feeling last all day long!"[/B]

This is me EXACTLY for the past month....I feel like I wrote what you have described!!! I have GAD and panic disorder and everytime I go through an anxiety phase it's with differerent symptoms. Last year my entire left side from head to toes went numb for over a month. I saw my psychologist and after a few sessions with her and some acupuncture, I finally got over that hump. I have had other times where my lips tingle and my whole mid-section burns. I get horrible palpitations, skipped beats, you name it. It scares me everytime I have a new symptom, and now I have health anxiety because of it. But when I take a step back and look at whats going on in my life at the time, I can usually figure out the cause of my anxiety. It's our minds that cause the sypmtoms, and the symptoms cause more anxiety...on and on, it's a sick vicious cycle. Back to what you are feeling right now, I can empathize with you 100%, I am feeling like that electric shock feeling right now, my arms and legs feel like post workout sore, I could fall asleep ay any minute, and I am dizzy. As soon as I wake up I have huge anxiety issues that I have to talk myslef out of so I can get on with my day. The funny thing is that I sleep very well, untill I get up! I have identified why I am so anxious right now, but I know it will take a while for it to go away because I am dwelling on how bad I feel. I have never taken any medication for my anxiety because I don't want to be dependant on drugs to make me feel better, but I think its is great if they work for others. I prefer to talk to my psych, and use methods like acupuncture and exercise to get my mind off of myself. I found this board a few weeks ago and it's been really comforting to know how many people experience anxiety. I hope some of what I have shared is helpful to you. :angel:


"the mind's preoccupation is where you'll go"

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