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Do you really have to go on meds, have you tried alternatives, talk therapy, relaxtion tapes, natural remedies? I developed anxiety and panic and tried alsorts of stuff for about a year before I finally gave in and went on paxil. It was a life saver (and thats important) however I gained weight rapidly, it doesnt matter if you eat a normal healthy diet or exercise it changes your metabolism. I gained around 33lbs in 12 months and I have been off the meds for 16 months and have only lost 7lbs! Whatever med you are going to take check it out on the internet for weight gain. There are lots of people struggling with their weight. If you arent going on until March you cant be too desperate. Try to avoid ssris if you can. It can be hard getting off them. Please inform yourself. Many people on a site I visit are sorry they went on meds as they are suffering long term effects.

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