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Last year I started having pain in the right side of my face. First I thought it was a sinus infection and was treated for that, then I thought it was a salivary gland issue, which my doctor thought it could be too. She sent me to an ENT who said it wasn't. My dentist said it wasn't TMJ. It felt like pressure in my jaw and mouth, and even in my throat sometimes. My face felt swollen, even though there wasn't any appearance of that. My ear felt congested. This lasted a few months on and off. Then I went to another ENT and he diagnosed me with myofascial pain syndrome from tension and teeth clenching. I do have anxiety disorder and health anxiety.

That pain went away, and I now only occasionally feel tightness on that side. Now I'm having the very similar symptoms on the left side. The only difference is that I actually have a spot behind my bottom tooth on the left that feels irritated when I eat acidic foods. I just had a dental check-up and everything looked fine. I really want to go back to the doctor, but I know they think I'm crazy already cause I went several times for the right-sided face pain and abdominal problems I"ve had.

I really wanted to know if other people had this problem. I just need reassurance that I don't have some underlying salivary gland problem. I don't think it would switch sides, but like I said, I have health anxiety. It is a horrible thing to have to live with.

I forgot to mention I notice often that my shoulders are hunched, and my neck muscles and top of my shoulder are sore on that side.

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