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i have been paranoid about my heart for the last 18 years. I'm 38 now. Heart disease runs in my family so I have a fairly just cause, but yes. I know all about the skipped beats. I had my first ECG when I was twenty one because I was convinced I was going to die in the night. I didn't recognise my problems as panic disorder. The doctor who got me the ECG told me to see a psychologist and I was outraged!!! I thought 'there's nothing wrong with me!' but there so was!!

Every little symptom I get - every pain - even in my stomach - I immediately think must be heart-related. I wasn't so bad when I was on zoloft, but now that I'm off it, it's coming back a bit. The last doctor I saw told me to go for a stress test to put my mind at ease but i'm too scared they'll find something. I'm also too scared to exercise hard just in case I have a heart attack. See how bad I am??

But having said that, I'm not nearly as bad now as I was eighteen years ago and I don't have panic attacks any more. I think the difference is that back then I wasn't eating properly. I never ate breakfast and only ate apples for lunch (I know, weird, huh?) and too much chocolate and I smoked and drank too much coffee so no wonder my heart was doing strange things. attention to your nutrition. Maybe take a good vitamin B supplement or a multivitamin, if you're not already. All the vitamin Bs are good for maintaining 'normal heart rhythms'. So is magnesium - a deficiency can cause 'irregular heartbeat'. And I think potassium as well is good for keeping the heartbeat normal. bananas are a good source of potassium, as are fruits, seeds and wholegrains.
good luck.

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