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From what I read I don't fit the criteria for bi-polar. I don't experience any of those symptoms. When this doc was asking me questions about how I felt. I simply said I had a hard time going out without experiening a great deal of anxiety. I had a hard time being around alot of people or just being in a group setting without this giving me panic attacks. He then asked about my sleep. I told him at the moment I am having a hard time sleeping. I go to bed and wake up 3-4 hrs later. I have a problem staying asleep. He then asked how I intially felt upon waking up and I said fully awake but after 2 hrs or so I get tired (cuz I havent got a good nights sleep) then he asked how i feel throughout the day when i wake up like that and I said sluggish. So with him only meeting me once he concludes its bi-polar is BS. I had been diagnoised with panic/w agoraphobia and social anxiety and i been living with this quite some time 10yrs now.

He asked what meds I been on in past and I been on most SSRi's and tricyclic without any luck. The klonpin I have been on now for 10yrs. They have me on it 2x a day and I don't as prescribed - I take only 1/2 tab at night to help me sleep. I was on xanax before and I found that to be helpful when I went out or had to be around alot of people.

As for the new meds I haven't touched them. I don't have bi-polar and don't see how this medication will help with anxiety.

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