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Hi Jimmy~:wave:

I too suffer from panic disorder and anxiety. I have been lighthead/dizzy for over 7 years now on a daily basis. I wake up feeling like this and go to bed feeling like this. You mentioned lightheaded are you having vertigo, meaning an illusion of motion or spinning? I first want to answer some of your questions, what other illness can cause you to feel dizzy on a daily basis.. Well there are many including anxiety. The most common is inner ear disorders, usually with an inner ear disorder you will have some sort of "true" vertigo meaning spinning at some point if your ENT has put you through all the proper test and has determined it's not inner ear then it's safe to say it's not. But a ear, nose and throat Dr. can determine this( a.k.a ENT Doctor)
Now Getting back to the anxiety, I wrote a whole topic on "Anxiety" and Dizziness/Lightheadedness that I was amazed at how many others suffer from this as well. I am going to forward this post to you in this thread so you can read what I wrote and see if perhaps this applies to you as well. I hope you find it helpful as well as perhaps useful in getting to the bottom of why you have been feeling like this for so long with no real answers, you may be surprised at how stress and anxiety can come out in the strangest ways! Some of us walk around with so much anxiety and stress and don't even know that, that is what they are suffering from.. They are just having symptoms that are not related to any "illness" other then plain old "anxiety". You may look up other post from me as well there that may be helpful as well. Okay so here is the post on Dizziness~~:)

OKAY so now the big question "can anxiety really make me feel dizzy" The ANSWER is yes, Doctors have known for many years that psychological disorders, such as anxiety, can cause symptoms of dizziness and imbalance. This type of dizziness was given the nonspecific name of psychogenic dizziness. Here is what I have learned through my years of struggles with anxiety related dizziness, and believe me I research and research and ask my therapist to explain it over and over again..
What disorders are associated with psychogenic dizziness a question all of us on this board commonly ask, well the truth is Several studies point to a specific set of disorders that can cause symptoms of dizziness and imbalance. All these disorders are in the anxiety disorder family and include panic attacks, certain phobias, and chronic anxiety disorders.
What symptoms are the symptoms? How does your dizziness feel? Another question we all ask on this board, the answer is Psychogenic dizziness will present with a variety of symptoms including lightheadedness, feeling heavy headed, feeling a pressure sensation in the head, feeling far away or detached from the environment, feeling like they are going to fall, and sometimes even the feeling as if you are going to faint.
Can something else be causing my dizziness? Another question that floats around here as well. And the answer is yes, inner ear disorders are the most common reasons for dizziness, In fact inner ear problems that have completely resolved but the symptoms still persist, despite the resolution of the inner ear disorder can happen. In this case I was told and found VERY interesting is that it appears the inner ear disorder triggered an anxiety, panic, or phobic state. In this situation, the psychological disorder perpetuates the dizziness, despite the fact that the underlying inner ear disorder has resolved. How interesting is that!!! I couldn't believe that when I was told by my Doctor.
Well I never had a ear infection or disorder, so what else could it be? Another question that goes through our minds.. The answer is there are several physical disorders that can present with symptoms similar to those experienced with psychogenic dizziness. Some of these conditions included anemia, thyroid disorders, neurological disorders, cardiovascular disorders, hormonal disorders, Migraines (without an actual headache) This is called Migraine Associated Vertigo, TMJ Disorder from clenching or grinding our teeth, which most anxiety suffers do.. That was Just to name a few. But keep in mind these disorders present many other serious symptoms and NOT JUST dizziness. Anxiety Disorder can come out in us in so many ways not just dizziness, and I think it should be know that the mind is a powerful weapon and sometimes when we suffer from this condition we tend too become so sensitive to what we feel .... I know that's how it is for myself!! I hope this post helps, any thoughts or questions let me know! Boxerlover :angel:
(SORRY for the long post) Just thought this was worth including!! Feel Better..

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