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i too am on celexa my psychatrist put me on it because i was on zoloft 50 mg he then switched me to 20 mg celexa i couldnt handle it so i called and ask if he'd try me on something else he wouldnt so i decided to ween off i cut the 20 mg in half to make 10 mg i havent had any side effects but my psychiatrist got mad because i told them the celexa made me worse so he termanted me and he wouldnt tell me how to ween off i had to call the drug store and ask them im also taking 3 1 mg of xanax and of course my psychiatrist wont help with that either so i found a new dr i go see on march 23rd this is my 2nd week weening off celexa then im to take one every other day for a week then stop i hope it helps cause i dont want all those panic attacks or depression or agraphobia to come back my prob was i have a under active thyriod i suffered a yr with it before they found out my old gp wouldnt check my thyriods and i begged him many many times i have also tried effexor xr 75 mg and omg that was the worst med ever for me the low dose worked pretty good but i only took it for 10 days the whole time it was my thyriod but alls they did was put me on anti depressents and xanax and it was my thyriods were out of whack and if my gp dr would have checked id have got better sooner what im wondering now is am i feeling better now from my thyriod meds been taking them 8 weeks now or is it the celexa thats helping me i want off both the celexa and the xanax asap. i think id feel better i hope ,im no longer having panic or depression and im not scared to leave i can now drive and go places now without being scared.

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