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Hello everyone
I have never posted before but read the threads and they help - thank you.
I won't bore you all with my anxiety story but one thing I would desperately like to hear are your success stories with xanax and flying?
The last time I flew I took a lot of valium in the hours that preceeded the flight and still had to have the plane stop and everybody's luggage taken off and my partner and i had to get off. It was so humiliating. In the past i have clawed arms of fellow passengers until they bled, been held down in my seat by staff and other hideous incidents.
Its not a fear of flying - well I have the 'normal' fear about that. It is claustrophobia and I realise this is all about control - or lack of it. I have been told that Xanax WILL work and have been guarenteed of this. Trouble is how on earth can I test it? I am hardly going to board a plane just 'in case' it works and I don't suffer a massive panic attack........:rolleyes:

So, if you have the same issue I have and have had success I would desperately love to hear from you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and be kind to yourself everyone.


Hi I would never fly without it!!! Xanax worked great for me for my anxiety and panic disorder associated with flying.
I have a horrible fear of flying and I feel claustrophobic on planes and the xanax takes that anxiety all away!:)

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