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Starting 5 days ago, I was put on Celexa 5mg for breathing trouble related to panic/anxiety. The breathing problems have been constant for 4 weeks now. Anyways, I had been waking up after 2 hours of sleep and having tremors and panic attacks off and on that lasted the next 7 hours, into the morning. I called my doc and she sort of blew me off and told me to go see a counseling center (she named a specific one). So I went there and they told me they couldn't see me due to my insurance... Because I am usually seen elsewhere (but they couldn't see me either--no open appts). So then came back home, still jittery and sleepless. Called my doc again, and the nurse called me back, told me to go to the ER and ask for a psychiatric evaluation. So at 4pm, I went to the ER. They told me to come off of the Celexa (and boy am I glad!). They said they'd give me an ambien to sleep and put me on xanax until I see my psychiatrist next week. So last night, I took the ambien, and still woke up after 3 hours. I was up all night after that, but not in a panic attack. I was in a state of panic--heart racing and beating hard and feeling anxious. But no tremors or attacks. So now I'm wondering if I'll ever get any sleep since the sleeping pill didn't do it for me! But I must say, I am feeling back to my old self again, now that I am not on that evil Celexa anymore. That stuff was poison to my body. I know it works wonders for other people but my system could not handle it, apparently. Though, I must say, to give it some credit, my breathing was much better when on it, so it did do something good. But now I'm off and my breathing problems are back full force. I have to decide if I'd rather go around yawning, and sighing all day trying to get a good breath, or taking that celexa and possibly feeling like death every day. So I've decided to just not breathe well. I do have acupuncture set up for next week and maybe the xanax will help the breathing. Otherwise, I am not really sure what to do for it.

I'm so glad today is a new day! If I could just get some sleep, I'd be all set!

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