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Hi Everyone,

Firstly, I'm so glad to have found this thread.

I think I'm suffering from an Anxiety disorder of some description.

My symptoms are:-

Occasional breathlessness
Light Headedness (almost a feeling of being drunk!)
I tight 'band' sensation around my head
Neck ache, and occasional face/tooth ache
Mild headaches, usually at the temples.
Palpatations of the heart, usually whilst laying in bed at night
Slightly blurred vision
Disorienatated feeling
Hand/eye co-ordination problems, for example making lots of typos when typing on the computer keyboard.
A kind of sensation that the ground is moving, maybe a balance problem? This is particularly noticeable if I stand up straight and close my eyes.
Jelly like feeling in the arms and legs
Pins and needles in hands and feet
Muscle spasms, particularly twitching of my eye
Internal shaking feeling.

Do any/all of these symptoms sound familiar?

They seemed to start when I moved house just over a year ago, and it was a very stressful time as there were structual problems with the property that needed to be put right. I have suffered them on and off ever since, and they usually last all day for most days.

I have had blood tests done, including Thyroid, and all have come back normal. The doc says that my headaches are probably due to tense neck muscles 'tension headache' and says it is all in my mind. Apart from that, he hasn't done much to help. My blood pressure has been slightly raised for the last year, but consistent at 125/90, which I believe is borderline.

Hope someone out there can help reassure me, as the more I worry about my health, the worse the syptoms get!

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