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:confused: Hi everyone let me tell you about myself.I am 21 yrs old and have anxiety.I woke up a year ago with heart palputation(fast heart) so I was taken to the ER.They did an ecg,tested me for anemia and took blood they kept me in for two days.They had a full blood count done as well as other test.I had a adominal scan and x-ray done as I had lots of stomache aches and a and endoscopy (upperscope) done to look for any ulcers cause my stomache burned a lot and indigestion.I had a treadmill test done scans on my heart and not sure wat test I still missed.Anyway they diagnosed me with anxiety.They referred me to a psychytrist that specialises in anxiety and he worked very closely with my GP to get me better (i was on amitripaline for three months and I take alzyme when needed)Well I started feeling better like my old sel after dreadful months and terrible symptoms my docvs helped me kick it.I was for six months almost anxiety free (oh did I mention I suffered from terrible hot flushes and flushing face)so lately I had been feeling all down and tired and dizzy and fainty.So I went to the sister at my work and my blood was low thats all .I started feeling worst so i went to my doc and he checked my blood and said it was a tad bit high but I was really nervous at the time and he said I shoulden't worry about.I explained to him what I was feeling.He said that I should come back the next morning and not eat.I did he checked my urine for sugar and found nothing and said it could be my diet.I am a thin person I am 1.6m and weigh 52kg I don't eat to well though.Anyway I still felt bad and dizzy the next day and checked my blood the next day and it was low again.Then had my blood pressure checked for two weeks and it was normal.Well I had a blood glucose test done for diabetes and stuff but my blood sugar came back normal/I am so scared cause I am really feeling this stuff and I don't know what to do at this moment my head head feels full and heavy and I feel a bit dizzy and anxios please help with some advice or does anyone experience this
Sorry for the long post
best wishes and best health

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