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Im a 35 year old male, 5 8, 180 lbs. I've been diagnosed with having panic attacks and anxiety disorder for over 12 years. About a year ago I was diagnose with a Thyriod disorder. These past year has been a very trying year. I'm still trying to get my Thyriod meds regulated but my anxiety has been throught the roof. Beginning of the year I've was put on 10mg of Lexapro. The first 40 days I started to feel better but the past 3 weeks I'm no better then I was 6 months ago. My Choresterol and Blood Pressure are both high but Doctors said it probably due to my Thyriod. Once I at the right meds those should return to normal. I'm in good shape and started to exercise regularly. Once in awhile but more very recently, I would feel a flutter in my chest. I will get this pain for about a second or two. Its feels like my heart is being squeezed. I usually get this when i'm anxious. For instance today when doing aerobic exercise (Riding my stationary bike for 30mins) I felt that squeeze again. I usually dismissed it as no worry, and thinking that it could be a chest muscle pain. When under stress I always find my chest very tight that if I sneezed it would hurt. I always catch myself very tense, my muscles would be squeezing so tight that I need to shrug my shoulders jsut to release the tension. I constantly grind my teeth all day and all night as a nervous habit.

About 5 days ago, I felt my heart skip while on the computer (didnt feel very anxious or worried at the time). Needless to say, it threw me into a panic attack. After I calmed down, i was back to normal. Since then, I've experienced it everyday when i do normal low grade stuff.

Can you explain what might be happening? Why is this happening to me? Is my anxiety playing tricks on me. Why it skips? Why does anxiety promote or make it worse? Is it at all related to Adrenaline? I have no other symptoms, not dizzy, not lightheaded...I just feel "off" when it squeezes because I get so anxious. I'm so confuse what to do next? Is it my Thyriod promoting this anxiety? Should I get another EKG done? Should I up my meds of Lexapro? Should I go to a shrink?

If anyone who knows me I really have nothing to stress about.

I'm so tired of feeling this way? What to do?


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