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Re: Heartrate
Mar 12, 2007
To the original poster - your heart rate can go up for all sorts of reasons. When I used to smoke and drink lots of coffee my heart rate was often in the 90s because of all the stimulants. I don't do those things now and even though i get anxious my resting heart rate is usually between 60 and 80.

Another thing to consider is whether you have food allergies. One of the tests for food allergies or intolerances is taking your pulse before you eat something - say bread - and then testing it again twenty minutes afterwards (during which time you don't rush around or that will put it up!!) If it goes up then it could mean you're intolerant to that food. It's called the 'Pulse Test'.

I often have palpitations at night and I'm starting to think that's due to either wine or chocolate as I often have a glass of wine and a bit of chocolate in the evenings. So maybe I'm intolerant to one of those things...damn.

It could be anxiety related and probably is but it's worth considering that there may be another cause. I used to get the worst panic attacks when I smoked and drank coffee.

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