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Have you sat down with your doctor and discussed exactly how you are feeling?I felt like such an idiot telling the dr. how many hours a day I think about dying,but it was sure nice to get it out.I am having trouble taking meds,but it is good to know that all the things I am feeling are "normal".Good luck to you.

I have anxiety/panic disorder. Let me tell you that the "dream state" you are in is also known as "brain fog". It lasts as long as you sub-consciously have anxiety in the back of your mind.

As for your head hurting, that is also anxiety.

Easy. I would bet that you have formed a habit of concentrating your mind on your anxiety almost the whole day. It is too the point where by the end of the day you have a head-ache.

My rememdy to you is test yourself:
-When your worried, distract yourself for 10 seconds and feel your muscles on your face, neck, and head.

-Take deep breathes from your stomach and relax all of your muscles. in fact, if you don't know how to relax your face muscles maybe you have glasses? if you wear glasses or contacts you know when your squinting.

-Squint your eyes for 5 seconds then relaxe them. if you do this 3 times a day or more, you will break your habit of tensing your body.

Hope this helps. i plan on writing a full-blown thread on my journey to conquer anxiety which I have completed at 19.
Thanks for your reply , how can i get shut of it then because its there 24 7 and its hard not to think about it when you dont feel right. and do you have it 24 7 and how long have you had it for?. and will it ever go im sick of feeling this way.

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