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[FONT="Georgia"][SIZE="4"][COLOR="Navy"]I tried .50 of Klonopin and it made me so drowsy, then I was on some weird trip where I was talking really slowly and thought I was choking my boyfriend. My boyfriend told me I was talking weird and drooling at the same time. Since then never again. I'm guessing it was too strong for me. I'll stick to my xanax.
My best friend has been using Klonopin for a long time and she really likes it because it really helps when she is experiencing really bad anxiety or having a panic attack. Finding the right medication treatment can take some time. Remember to log/record or take a mental note of your side effects to the drugs your taking so you can report this to the doctor and the information will be helpful on what medication to be prescribed and at what combination and dosage.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
Just curious: what's the difference between Xanax and Klonopin? Do they most likely have the same effects, side effects, and withdrawl issues, since they are both Benzos?

My doctor just gave me a load of xanax and told me as long as I am taking a low dose (under 1mg a day), there is no side effect. I am very scared to take it thought-----I don't know if I should trust her, since she herself has never taken it!
Hi Gingche, Klonopin and Xanax are in the same family but Klonopin takes a bit longer to get into your system but lasts longer. I took Klonopin for few months. I really liked it.

Don;t be afraid to take the Xanax. If it makes you feel better then take it. You will feel better once the Prozac kicks in and you won't need the Xanax anymore!
thanks all. don't worry MS. MOD. i understand that is her experience. while anecdotal, i still appreciate knowing what others experiences are .

so thanks, jclay, for sharing.

i'm definitely going to give the klonopin a 20 day shot .5mg twice a day. so far i feel like i still have a little lingering anxiety but feel MUCH, MUCH better. i do have some sedation, depressed feeling. not exactly depression but a little too mellow.

i want to make SURE it is not good from me before moving on to, hopefully, xanax.

from what ive gathered xanax would work better on an as needed basis.


My next big decision is whether to combine with an SSRI like Zoloft or Lexapro as well. I'm leaning towards not. but i'm also not a doctor. So
I do need to give a little deferance there.
about 5 days on the klonopin now. finally i have some relief. it is amazing to face situations which would spin me into anxiety and now feel calm. i now have hope for beating this thing.

HOWEVER, i'm a little sad/depressed. not so bad to go without. but it makes me want to try xanax too so i can see which i like better.

I also did some amazing yoga last night and that helped too.
gi, the Klonapin is a long acting like Valium and can be a bit more depressing than the other benzos. Xanax is great for quick action like before facing an anxiety producing situation. It also has slight antidepressant properties that the others don't. I thik what the one poster said about recording your reactions and experiences (with time and amounts) will help you and your pdoc fine tune an appropriate game plan for you. I know of a few folks that get along monotherapy with Klonapin and wouldn't switch. Examine the quality of life you are having when making the decision and give little weight to other's experiences.
good morning all --- just my experience with klonopin. It has been the best for me. First prescibed 5 years ago .5 -2 xs a day. After two weeks I was too tired to go to work so I cut back to the one at night. Two weeks later stopped the night one. Didn't have to take them for months. Anxiety started again so i did the same drill. Until recently I have never had to take them consistanly. Dr.s upped them to 3 a day 4 months again for extreme anxiety. After about 6 weeks I cut back to two and now only take the one at night. Have tried every SSRI on the market with no success but more anxiety. The older AD's affect my BP meds. Ativan depresses me and makes me cry, valium makes me vomit and xanax just does nothing for me. Just my experience. we are all different.


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