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Hi [B]fatcat[/B], I take xanax for flying. It helps me so much! Can you visit your doctor and ask for this? There is another thread on here about fear of flying, you might search and read it. Good luck! :)
Hi I take xanax to when flying. In fact I would never be able to fly without it. I feel claustrophobic when flying and I hate not being in control. I suffer with panic attacks and the Xanax definitely helps take the edge off.
Have a safe trip! :)
Hi fatcatdogbog,

I used to be a flight attendant for 14 years and met a lot of people with fear of flying. I agree that if you can get some short term xanax that would help you. If I saw someone extremely terrified I would comp them an adult beverage. Other things that help are cold clothes on back of neck and wrists. Get involved in a book or in-flight project to divert your attention. Try to say hi to the pilot too. Making a personal connection with the cockpit helps some people feel more secure. You are definitely not alone in this. Try not to drink caffeine. Try to avoid middle seat so you don't feel closed in. When able too, walk around a bit. In the 14 years of flying and millions of miles flown, I never had any major incident occur. I few international and domestic. Watch the flight attendants, they know if anything is up. I am weird as I liked turbulance.

The hardest part of flying is getting through security.......

warm wishes.
thanks so much for the tips. how much xanax do you guys take.
[QUOTE=fatcatdogbog;2856050]thanks so much for the tips. how much xanax do you guys take.[/QUOTE]

I'm afraid this is NOT a good tip.

The best tip of all is DO NOT touch these drugs with a barge pole. This includes Xanax or Ativan (or any other benzodiazepine). I know of people who've had disastrous reactions from just 1 dose.

Do a search on benzo addiction and learn the facts.

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