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Hi tweeny. As long as everything else has been ruled out i would put it down to anxiety. You ask me why doesn't the doc tell you its sensitization... well basically because he doesn't know. Read the books, research panicend please. When you've had a panic attack don't you feel tired drunk etc., well that's what's happening. You're on constant alert, the brain releasing these chemicals into your system. Every thought, more cortisol. Re-direct your thinking, tell yourself it's just anxiety, calm yourself. Dont fear it, fear brings on more anxiety ... you can probably fill it. When you think of something, do you get butterflies... well those butterflies are an effect of the adrenaline. Please don't think i'm by all means a doc, or cured but I'm understanding moreso now because of websites like this and others, books, cd's, meditation etc., I still need my Xanax but on occasion. When you feel down and out one day say to yourself tomorrow's another day and this to will pass. Patience. Please read Claire Weekes not just once, look at panicend - it's very similar to Charles Linden method but it's all free and no advertising material - just someone been there and got through himself. Hope you take on board what i've posted, it MAY set you on a path to recovery and understanding, way better than a path of fear and confusion. Don't analyse your disorder, accept it. Panicend emphasises analysis = anxiety. Analysing scares you, fear = adrenalin = fight / flight ..... you know the drill. May we all find peace from panic. ozinpanic

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