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Thanks for your reply, think doctors don"t really understand how bad it is this feeling yes my doctor did say that i asked him was it anxiety says he dosen"t know what it realy is.I said what about if i go into a coma he said your trouble will be over.I can"t stop thinking the way i feel an i am scared that it is going to drive me crazy and the doctor said "yes you could go crazy if i dont stop on about it"also is it normal for your eyes to be blurred all the time i wish the doctor would tell me what it is then i would be able to get on with getting better
Hi im so fed up , thanks for everybodys reply , ive also had loads of blood test ct scan everything comes back alright , then people say you see thers nothing wrong but i say they must be else i would feel right. I feel out of it like a drunk fgeeling or like im on drugs my eyes are blurred all the time had my eyes tested twice and they ok i feel lie ive got cold all the time in my nose im so tired and i dont feel like a person no more we should not have to live like this and you cant enjoy life feeling like this ive had this feeling for 19 months all the time i never have a good day, jools 182 how did this come on you? and what do they tell you the doctors do they say its anxiety ? and you say you have had it for 8 yrs has it ever gone off in them 8 yrs? and are you on and tablets and who do you see, is your doctor nice with you i think because we dont have to pay for our doctors in england they can just treat you like rubbish ,and because you have blood test and they come back ok they think you should be happy but i will only be happy when i can get shutb of this feeling thanks for everybodys advice i bet this anxiety health boards have saved alot of lives just knowing you not alone is a big help thanks!.
This sounds like derealization. It is anxiety. If all the test have come back OK then you should try to work with the information you have on this. I have it all of the time. i am trying different medications/procaticing The linden Method, reading books. Sorry you are going through this believe me I understand!

Have you had your hormones checked? Thyroid?
I agree, I think you need to find another doctor. Also you mentioned that
you had a feeling of cold symptoms in your nose. My husband and I both
suffer from sinus problems. Sinus congestion can make you feel very spacy,
maybe that is the same as you say "drunk feeling". It can make you feel
off balance because it affects the ears too. Since you've had a lot
of tests, maybe you could see an ear, nose and throat specialist, or even
an allergist to see if you have allergies. Allergies would account for the
spacy feeling, stuffy nose and also I have heard that a lot of people with
allergies also have anxiety. Me for one.
I think you have to try a different avenue here and certainly a different
doctor. Don't give up, do meditation, check out the Linden Method, work
w/ a psychologist possibly.
Hope you can get help but really I think you need to start w/ a different doctor.
I think what you're experiencing is probably most likely anxiety. And you know what? Even if it is something more than anxiety, treating the anxiety you're obviously having is going to make a WORLD of difference in the way you feel and how you live your life.

First of all, you need to tell yourself this: "I am sick and tired of living my life this way. I AM going to change, I AM going to get better, and I AM going to do whatever it takes! Anxiety is not going to be the boss of me ANYMORE."

Once you have that resolve, you need to start actively hunting for a cure. Forget about medical problems for the time being- you have seen doctors, they have confirmed that you aren't dying, so just relax in that department and consider treating ANXIETY your life's mission.

Ask your doctor to recommend a psychiatrist. Or if you don't need a referral, just call the first psychiatrist you see in the phonebook and book an appointment. Do it first thing in the morning. Go see that doctor and tell them about what you're experiencing, and start from there. Try whatever they say and if it doesn't work, try something else.

So that's my advice. It may not ring true to you, and that's fine. It's just what I personally would do in your situation.

As for my personal experience, I think what you're describing sounds exactly like depersonalization. Actually to tell you the truth I've been feeling like that all day today. It happens when I'm on my period more than any other time. I feel like I have a virus or like I took a Benadryl- just really dizzy, sort of sleepy, my eyes are blurry and I have trouble focusing, shallow breathing, the room spins, feel like I'm going to slump to the floor any second, feel drunk or like I'm swimming.

I do feel like this for days on end sometimes. Depersonalization is a symptom of anxiety and it is very common.

For the record, these past couple of months I have been wracked with terrible dizzy spells, the feeling similar to yours along with nausea and a lot of other stuff. And I have been to the ER four times, I've had a CT scan, an echocardiogram, I've seen ten doctors including specialists, and I even was admitted into the hospital for a three day epilepsy monitoring unit. And everything is checking out totally fine. I even bought a blood glucose monitor and a blood pressure machine and have been checking them at home, but nothing is extremely abnormal.

This has been extremely terrifying and frustrating to deal with, but the more I read, the more horror stories of people with anxiety disorders wracking up thousands of dollars in hospital bills and still coming home without a diagnosis, the more I think that maybe this is just something that happens sometimes to people with anxiety. We become obsessed with finding an answer for the way we feel, and we forget about the possibility of anxiety.
HI, wholegrain, thankyou for your advice , ive been seen a psychiatrist for 17 months and she cant get to the bottom of whats wrong , dont know if you have read my other posts but , i will tell you when this out of this feeling come on me, was on serxoat in 2005 found i was pregnant had to stop it dead was ok for 3 months then in sept my anxiety and depression came back saw the psychiatrist and she put me back on my serxoat even though i was pregnant i wanted to go on it because i couldnt cope with how i was feeling took the first tablet and it went from bad to even worse i thought i was dying i went hot my heart was beating fast and just felt out of it and dizzy i phoned my mum and said you will have to come im dying , so when she got there she made me a drink and i calm down , but i was left feeling out of it i went to bed that eveing at 7 and thought if i slept this drunk feeling would go but it didnt told my psy and she said carry on with the tablets and this feelin would go away , but it didnt had my baby in jan2006 come off tablets for 2 months but just felt the same drunk out of it and to this day i blame the tablet that brought this out of it feeling on ive had a ct scan all clear had blood test they ok been on loads of tablets and nothing gets shut of it i just keep thinking im dying or going crazy then i try to say im not going to let it beat me but its really hard when you feel so ill so this is why im scared im not going to get out of this mess. thanks for your advice i will try and do what you say thankyou gives me hope to keeep fight this horrible thing.
Hi Tweeny,

I would stay away from Docs and phsychiatrists...They don't help...Finding a cause or a cure is not the answer...You have excess cortisol levels going through your body and that's the symptoms you're feeling..From what i have reading you're scared of your symptoms...I consider myself an anxiety expert since I went through it myself..It's how you react to these symptoms that's causing you trouble..No matter what the cause, death in family or whatever triggered it, the answer lies within you...Western Medicine doesn't understand it or they would have an answer by now...When I learned to accept my symptoms and welcome them, they SLOWLY disappeared...If you apply certain techniques to calm your nervous symptoms, you can do this physically, mentally, and spiritually..First of all from a physical standpoint, don't do anything that stressed your body..NO CAFFEINE, ALCOHOL, OR REFINED SUGARS..start with that, and see if it helps...
Tweeny, you really need to go and see someone who can help you with this anxiety. Don't put it off. Try and find someone today and make an appointment.
I am not saying there is nothing physically wrong with you, but I think anxiety is definitely making things worse.
Good luck
hi been on seroxat, efexor xl, cipramil, mirtazapine, and last one was cymbalta been on them each for over 4 months each , this is why i QUESTION IS THIS ANXIETY? i feel really really out of it and my eyes are blured all the time and what scares me is that my sister looked up woozy up on a diffrent forum and they was people on ther who had this out of it feeling and there eyes was blurred too but they old threads so i cant get in touch with them it was in 2004 on not sure if i can tell you what forum it was on but nobody knew what thers was they had ct scans blood work just same as me, and i cant go back to my doctors because he says he cant help me no more , so i feel wshat can i do next have i got this for life i also feel like ive got cold all the time as well , if thers anybody else out there what feels the same please reply , i know ive been on this forum alot but i need people and answers to why i feel so out of it and so tired that can not really cope , just about hanging in there only just coping please reply if anybody got anymore advice ,and thanks for people whos been who as been helping me its gave me some hope.
HI ,OZINPANIC why doesnt the doctor tell me its that he just keeps saying he doesnt know i know you not a doctor and its only advice but could it make you feel really really out of it and make you feel like you got no energy i wake up at 5 every morning and just feel really poorly like i could go in a coma , and i keep thinking they misssing something with me and i feel im dying of this what ive got , i havent felt ive been here for 19 months how much longer have i got to feeel like this i question is this anxiety? or is this a mystrey illness ive got , cant do much in the house and i just go to somebody house because i cant cope with the baby alone , feel so so out of it i think are people getting it mixed up with anxiety scared im going to send myself crazy i dont want to live like this day in day out what can i do i dont think my family really knows how out of it i feel.
Hi Everyone. I just registered after looking into anxiety support groups. I have to say it is comforting to know that I am not the only one that feels this way. tweeny, I can totally sympathize with you...just know you are not going crazy. I am 36 years old and have had anxiety and depresssion since I was 24. I have been on meds since I was 27 after the birth of my daughter. Paxil worked great for many years until one day it stopped working. For the last 3 years I have been in and out of the depression/anxiety mode have taken Celexa, Lexapro, Effexor, Cymbalata, Zoloft, Prozac, Elavil, Depakote, Lithium, Ativan, and Ambien for makes me sick to look at this extensive list. My docs keep handing me more and more meds, "try this try that". There are times where I feel stable and "myself" but then something sets my nervous system off and I am in it again, day in day out. I WANT TO LIVE!! That's all. I want to enjoy life and be able to get through my daily tasks without feeling competely stoned all the time, nervous, depressed, wabbly, ringing ears, headache, shakky. This morning my doc gave me a new drug: Risperdal. I am scarred but desperate to try yet another med. I have spend thousands of dollars on natural remedies and supplements, had countless hours of therapy, had bloodtest galore (everything is fine) and done the Linden Method, which I have to say did help me helped look at my anxiety in another way. I was good and stable for a while but now however, have been in a state of stooper for the last 3 weeks. It sucks, I know. It's like having a huge handicap that is invisable to everyone else. People that have not experienced this don't know how terrible and debilitating it is and how lonely it feels. As I stated earlier I am 36 and I feel like and old lady. I do have hope and faith that it will get better. It may not go away completely but is does get better at times. Hopefully with more better days, we will see the light at the end of the tunnel.
HI, Everyone i still wonder if mine is anxiety because its there when i dont feel anxious this drunk out of it not me feeling and my eyes are blurred too i still think its that seroxat tablet i took what caused this feeling when i took it in my pregnancy and my doctors wont have it like it triggerd something off i know i felt anxious at first but i didnt have this out of it feeling untill i restarted my seroxat when i was 4 months pregnant . been shopping and i just feel so so out of it like its not me no more i look at over people and wish i was them ,just having normal lifes , then i get people saying i should be happy because you good looking and got a lovely house and a lovely family and i say that doesnt help me when i feel like this , like because ive got all them things i should be better im so scared that this feelin will get worse that i will go in a coma , or i will end up crazy , i feel so so tired too i used to love get dressed up and lived life to the full had loads of energy and i wonder what as happend to me , doing daily things are really hard when you feel like this and im so, so fed up i dont know what to do next i just want to live my life again and go back to that person who loved life i cant see this ever going i still think ive got that mystery illness what i found on another forum and people on there just felt the same as me but it closed down in 2004 so i cant get in touch with them im still really unsure if this is anxiety because imy heart doesnt race or anything like that and my breathing is not fast and thats what i read that can cause this out of it feel but ive got none of them i think im stuck with this for life .
I asked a few pages back but got no response. Were you screened for postpartum depression?

I ask, because what you are describing is EXACTLY how I felt after I had my first dd. I had terrible PPD that went undiagnosed for a long while, until I was 4 months pregnant with my second dd. Because of that, I developed this aweful anxiety disorder. I lay in bed at night, and just panic about anything. Tonight, it's because my mouth is dry. Yes, you're reading that right. I'm up at 1 in the morning unable to sleep because my mouth is just dry.

The feeling of being in a group wondering what it's like to be others is a symptom of anxiety. It's depersonalization, I believe it's called. I never knew about this, until I started researching it, and it's a very scary feeling. Like nothing is real, and it magnifies the fear of dying.

Hope tomorrow is better for you.
Tweeny: Are you on the Seroxat now? In the States it is called Paxil. I suffered terrible side effects when I went of of it. Wondering if maybe you are experiecing this. I have felt the same way as you off and on for 12 years. I have good times, where my meds are working and I feel like a somewhat normal human being and then all of the sudden I am back again with the anxiety and depression. On the outside and to others, I like you, seem to have a good life. But the hell I feel inside when I am going through my crap (feeling out of it or living outside of my body, waves of anxiety every few seconds as I lay in bed, finding it hard to do daily tasks, etc.) is so frustrating and debilitating. Since joining this forum a few days ago I have looked into panicend. I have tried to do as is told but am still not having the best results. The explanation of anxiety and all the feelings that come along with it is very informative.
HI ,hopefull 123 , no i stop it in jan2006 after the birth of my baby. W hat happened is i had sufferd with anxiety and depression in 2001 went on loads of tablets but i tried seroxat and it worked well for me i was really good on it ,then in 2005 found out i was pregnant so had to stop it then 3 months into my pregnancy my anxiety and depression come back at this time i never had this out of it feeling and i had never had this feeling in 2001 its only when the doctor put me back onit when my anxiety came back in sept2005 then i took the one tablet and i like had a panic attack 2 hours after taking it i just thought i was going to die i felt dizzy funny and out of it iwent to bed at 7 pm because i felt that bad i thought once i go to bed this out of feeling would go away but it didnt , told the doctor and he said it was the side affects and it would wear off but it didnt and i took more and more but once my baby was born i stop it and been on loads of diffrent ones but nothing gets shut of this drunk out of it feeling , to this day i blame that tablet for causing this out of it feeling and i feel that out of it i feel like i could go in a coma and its a scary feeling been out today shopping and i feel like its not me anymore i just feel ive not been there if you know what i me i look at people and want to feelNORMAL like them i just think ive got this for life and im sick of feeling like this , people dont know how bad it is i keep thinking im dying all the time , and because i feel so out of it im scared im not going to wake up or end up in a coma . thanks for your reply wish we could all be well again .
HI j2006, they called clomipramine taking 25 mg been on them a week but they making me feel more out of it , i sill wonder if mine is anxiety ? because i feel really really like i could go in a coma and i feel im not coping , can you cope with daily things? i know everyones diffrent , i dont know you i am anymore does that sound but thats how i feel like ive lost that person i was scared i will never get back to me are you feeling any better?. thanks for your reply.,
I agree with j2 if it was something other then anxiety chances are great the doctors would have found out by now.Someone also mentioned (maybe it was j2 as well) that the pills take time to work which is true.You can also feel some side effects until the meds get into your system well.Some side effects may always be there as long as they are not too bad I would stick with it.As far as not being able to function anxiety/panic has absolutely had me in that position before.I luckily had a good friend who was there for me and she would help take care of my kids pretty much daily until I was able to on my own again.I know it is very very hard and hard to believe but you will get better and if you can just be determined and tell yourself that you will get better I think over time that you will be feeling better.I am just trying to share with you what helped me the most in hopes that it may be helpful to you also.If you have anyone you trust that could help ya out with your kids for now that could really take a load off your shoulders.I am wondering Tweeny if you have read any anxiety books? (you may have mentioned I have not read through the entire thread) and or have you tried (not just for a few days or a week) telling yourself positive things and ditching the negative? Example: "I am going to be alright eventhough I may feel horrible it will pass"...and just believeing that you are ok? I have given you this same advice before and it did not happen for me overnight by no means.I had to do this for a long time before I felt any real results and still till this day I have to do this in order to ward off feeling that way.Just gets easier over time.You are going to be alright maybe try and find someone to help with your kids.
Tweeny I wish you would try to stop telling yourself there must be something else wrong.There are tons of anxiety sufferers on this board who did feel like you 24/7 for long periods of time.I sure did daily with no let up whatsoever no matter if I sat at home or went outside no matter what I was doing I felt drunk or drugged up amoung other things.I was comsummed by the way I felt 24/7.My every thought almost was about how horrible I was feeling and scared I was.People would try and try again and again to get me to just let go of worrying about how I was feeling even for a few minutes but I never did until I had gotten to a point where I was completely fed up with it all.I am not saying this is you but it sure sounds it right now.My opinion is ,although I am not a doctor,as long as you hold onto those thoughts you are going to make it so much harder and slower for yourself to get better.I sugesst trying some self help books and trying some of the advice in them give it a chance give yourself a chance your worth it! None of us are hopeless
Tweeny - I have suffered from anxiety for a long time now and for over a year I had exactly the same symptoms as you are describing. Exactly. Like you I didn't have the racing heart and extremely anxious feelings associated with panic attacks. I just had this permanent spaced, drunk, out of it feeling. It is horrible and I empathise with you so much.

I am getting better now slowly and it only happened once I started to accept that to some extent I am the one in control of my recovery. No matter how many tablets I am on or therapists I see it is me who is in charge of my life and it is only if I do the things that I know will work will I ultimately get better.

I know you are really worried that it is something else not anxiety and although I cannot say for sure that this is not the case, all I can say is that I too felt like that and self diagnosed myself with every kind of tumour etc. However I realized that this would have been picked up if it was the case.

Once you begin to really believe you can beat this and set yourself small goals every day you will slowly start to feel better I am sure.

Start to keep a journal so you can record how you are feeling and see your progress. Have you tried giving up caffeine which can really make anxious feelings worse? Also, even though some days it's really really difficult, I make myself go for a walk because just getting out and exercising in the fresh air really really does help even if all you want to do is curl up on your bed. The fact is you've done that and it's not helping. So you have nothing to lose by trying something else.

A couple of people on here have mentioned some self-help books. They are brilliant. You need to read and re-read them and just knowing you're NOT going mad, that there are other people feeling like you is helpful.

I know if feels hopeless now but honestly you can beat this. Please get the books, try walking daily, keeping a journal etc.

It can only help and can't hurt a bit.
This is a very lively and interesting post. Thank you for allowing me to jump in.

I am usually found on the Inner Ear Boards and most recently, on the Headache Board. If you do a search on my current user name, and my older user name (Wowwweee), you will see that I am a frequent visitor, and may find something helpful.

There is a condition called Migraine Associated Vertigo (MAV) that you may want to check into. MAV is a condition where the arteries at the base of the brain go into spasm. When this happens, a person can feel a whole bunch of different symptoms and sensations - this can include things like fainting, falling, dizzy, woozy, spacy, unreal, and tipsy, to name a few.

MAV can last for years, or a person can have it happen only a few times and have it go away. Again, if you do a search on my user name, you will find some good information on MAV.

MAV is also more common in females than males, and symptoms can increase around a women's cycle, because it is felt to be hormone-impacted, which is also why a woman may notice symptoms during or after pregnancy.

There are many inner ear and migraine conditions that can mimic other illness or problems, which is why it is always good to have a complete physical (with blood and urine work-ups).

The majority of people who deal with some type of wooziness/vertigo problem also deal with anxiety issues.

MAV can be triggered by things like stress, environment, allergies, genetics, diet, and hormones, to name a few.

Although MAV cannot kill you, the symptoms are enough to make you feel very sick and afraid.

Yes, anxiety can make you feel similiar symptoms, so perhaps a doctor would not think about a diagnosis other than anxiety or stress.

Neurologists deal with migraine conditions and preventative medications - so it may be a good idea for anyone dealing with these types of symptoms and sensations to see this type of specialist. MAV is a "ruling out" diagnosis, meaning that other more obvious conditions are usually looked at first.

Remember, most people think "migraine" means "headache", but it actually means "poor blood flow" (related to spasming or constriction).

It may be worth looking into.

Either way, you are not crazy. Your symptoms are real, and you will be your own best advocate in trying to either find the root cause of your symptoms, or a good way that works for you to treat them. You are entitled to a supportive physician, so if that means locating a more suitable doctor to meet your needs, then do so.

Take good care.

In the course of my search to find answers for my "head symptoms", I've learned quite a lot about my symptoms, what it could mean, and possibly what they are caused from.

For me, the general professional medication consensus is that I am dealing with MAV.

MAV can cause a host of neurological, physical and migrainal symptoms. In addition, stress can provoke MAV, and MAV can increase stress. So, it can be a vicious cycle.

MAV symptoms can linger EVERY DAY for years and years. Or, they can be sporadic, or even disappear for a time. They can change also, depending on what artery or group of arteries is in spasm.

A neurologist is a good medical professional used to rule in or out a diagnosis of MAV.

With things like a brain tumor or a stroke, there would usually be other indicators. Many times, these indicators will be obvious to a doctor upon a "standard" physical examination, even if you don't think they are.

Stress can impact the body and mind in a host of big and small ways. If you are dealing with a balance issued by something like an undetected inner ear problem or a migraine problem, the added stress of feeling so funky all the time CAN make your symptoms feel worse.

Not feeling "right" can provoke stress. Especially if you add to that all the worry-thoughts of wondering what is more wrong with you.

Again, sometimes going to see a few medical professionals can make the difference in feeling better, just from the standpoint that you have less to worry about as you are dealing with your symptoms.

Even if your symptoms ARE SOLELY caused by anxiety, no-one should have to simply "deal" or put up with those uncomfortable and scary physical symptoms or sensations. It's always a relief to know that some of your symptoms may purely be caused by anxiety, but for me, I want to make double sure that that is all that I am dealing with before surrending to that diagnosis.

That is why following up with a medical professional(s) and counseling may be important - not only are you dealing with physical (REAL) symptoms, but you are also dealing with the worry and anxiety that comes with that. These are two distinct areas that should be looked into and treated so you are more at ease.

I am not a doctor, and by no means dispense suggestions without prefacing that of course you should always speak to your doctor first, but I find I get good results by mixing 2 plain 500 mg aspirin mixed with 1 teaspoon of Children's Liquid Benedryl. Again, if you are dealing with an MAV issue, there is NO cure - but there are prescribed and OTC medications to help alleviate the symptoms.

Again, maybe you should speak with you doctor about seeing a neurologist.

Again, if you jump on the Inner Ear boards, you may find some other helpful information from posters experiencing the same kinds of head symptoms.

Take care.

I do agree with other posters that it's important to rule out other medical conditions completely.

You need to get a firm diagnosis.

However, I would tell you that I have had the EXACT sensations that you described for over a year and mine are starting to ease now once I have begun actively to take some control and do things DESPITE the symptoms.

I was afraid I was dying and then realized that the days were passing and turning into weeks and months and I was still alive so it was unlikely that I was just going to suddenly pass out or go into a coma. Just realizing this helped to begin with. Then I began to realize that when I was so focused on the symptoms they never went away even for a second. I FORCED myself bit by bit to just try to forget them even for a few minutes at a time. Some of the self help anxiety books talk about this a lot - going with your symptoms and not fighting them.

Have you tried any of the things I mentioned on an earlier post? Walking? Journal? I do believe they can help you immensely - even if initially they just help you feel more positive about your symptoms.

Take care.
You do not need to feel or be "spinny" dizzy to have a diagnosis of MAV. There are MANY forms of vertigo that are caused by different or the same condition(s). A person with MAV can be truly "spinny" or just feel "off".

MAV symptoms can vary depending on many things. There is no specific way a person is supposed to feel. But many sufferers of MAV usually have a few symptoms in common.

Dealing with feeling "off" all the time is TIRING. Between trying to deal with your symptoms AND with the anxiety, of course you are going to feel tired, probably achy, probably weepy, and a whole bunch of other things.

Vertigo can be caused by many things, and can CAUSE many symptoms that include spatial or depth-perception problems, a feeling of being in motion when you aren't moving, inability to find your "place" or footing, inability to walk or sit straight, occular or vision problems, to name a few.

There are other inner ear conditions that can cause you to have the same kind of symptoms that you and other posters are describing. Some inner ear conditions are tricky to diagnose because the "root cause" may not always be found and/or the symptoms can parallel other conditions - even inner ear conditions.

Sometimes it's better to treat the symptoms rather than to continue looking for the root problem, if the problem is persistent and no formal diagnosis can be made.

Foxy07 has made a very crucial and important discovery in the process of taking control of how you feel. Even if your symptoms are caused by a physical problem, like MAV or even an inner ear condition, it's important to find a healthy balance within to cope and persevere. Things like journaling your thoughts is immensely helpful - not only does that help you get out your immediate worry thoughts, but it can show you your progress or decline as you move forward in finding a better way to cope with what you have to. Obviously, walking or any type of exercise can be scary and difficult if you don't feel "right", but keeping active and busy is VERY necessary in order for you to acclimate or accommodate your symptoms. The less you move, the more used your body and mind becomes to being immobile, and anyone with a balance condition needs to remind their bodies what it feels like to be in motion so you can adapt and compensate better for the days or moments when you cannot. You need to tell yourself that "you can" without giving in to your lowered emotional feelings, anxiety and physical sensations.

Bottom line is that "baby steps will get you there".

Anxiety can be as limiting, or even more, sometimes than the original physical problem. Remember, you are dealing with TWO impacts here - how you physically feel (symptoms), and how you emotionally feel (anxiety). You may need to look into treating both before you can start to cope with one.

To answer your question about me, I deal with symptoms, EVERY day. This can increase my anxiety level, obviously.

Again, perhaps you should start "fresh" with a new primary doctor, who will evaluate your symptoms more closely without having you try a medication first. Or maybe you could speak with your primary doctor about the fact that the current medication that you are on is not helping your symptoms. You really need to speak up for yourself and work with your doctor with an examination and treatment plan that you are comfortable with. You still sound very worried about yourself, and if you are, you should be speaking with your doctor about your fears, and then receiving assurance that despite your symptoms you are healthy. For me, that was VERY important.

Have you have a moment to peek on the Inner Ear Board? You should - there are many people who are experiencing the SAME sensations. You might find some reassurance and answers there.

Take care.

Of course, you have to find a way to deal with your anxiety and physical symptoms in a manner that you can relate to and that works for you.

But you've got to start somewhere.

Maybe you should write down a plan of action, and then act on it. You sound a little out of control with your worry-thoughts, and a little unsure of how to get started feeling more yourself.

When I was dealing with so much anxiety, I felt alone, scared, and out of control. I worried so much that many times there was no room for anything else. Whether or not you are dealing with a medical condition that is making you feel so foreign to yourself, you do have to get a better hold on your anxiety or else nothing is going to feel better.

You may want to write down a physical list, and follow it. Cross things off as you go, so you can see yourself moving forward on finding a way to feel better.

Your list could look something like this:
[*]Make a list regarding all the things that I am feeling and worried about.
[*]Bring this list to my doctor.
[*]Make a decision to have a very open discussion with my doctor about how I am feeling. I will discuss my anxiety and physical symptoms.
[*]In this discussion, let my doctor know that I need a more professional approach other than the current treatment and attitude that he is giving me.
[*]Ask my doctor what could be causing your physical symptoms aside from anxiety. I will request to see a neurologist. Could the current medication I am taking add to my physical symptoms - maybe I should stop taking the medication or try a new one.
[*]If, after this conversation, I do not feel that this doctor is the best one suited to me to help me out or give me the compassionate attention that I need, I will look for another primary doctor.
[*]Keep a written journal of how I am feeling and thinking.
[*]Make myself get a little exercise every day, no matter how I am feeling.
[*]Set up counseling so that I can find a better way to react to my feelings, thoughts, and symptoms.
[*]I will buy that book called "Hope and Help for your Nerves" by Dr. Claire Weekes, which talks about all the feelings, thoughts, and limitations that people deal with who have anxiety.
Every day, have a challenging personal goal for yourself. Maybe one of your first goals will be to experience your anxiety in a more calmer manner when it washes over you. Maybe do something to make your anxiety worse so that you start to cope better.

Anxiety issues can make a person second-guess themselves, not trust their bodies, not trust their doctors, and worry all the time. This type of worry can ripple out to other areas of your life and hold tight, so that everything you do or think about revolves around how stressed you are.

I can't share with you enough how important it will be for you to be assured that you are healthy, and then accept your anxiety AS anxiety. If you continue to wonder whether you have something horribly wrong with you, you will continue to stay stuck in panic mode. That's why you may want to focus on getting medical reassurance that you are healthy, first, even if that means changing doctors.

People can have scary or unsettling physical symptoms WITHOUT being horribly ill. It's understandable that you do not feel or think this way, yet. A good doctor and a helpful counselor will allow you to ease up on these kinds of worry-thinking, so that you can focus on other aspects of feeling better.

It's time to put some of your worried energy into a more positive outlet, to YOUR advantage. But you have to make the first moves.

Your fears will ease up once you feel you have more physical and emotional control. But YOU have to take control, even if you are scared and too tired to do so.

Being scared of the things that you are, is a natural reaction to dealing with not feeling yourself and dealing with anxiety issues. But, being afraid of something does NOT mean it will happen just because you think about it and are afraid of it, and it does NOT mean that you can't do something.

Every day that you are living in fear, remember, you are still living.

Take care.
That last post was very good advice tweeny.So true if we do not take steps to help ourselves then who will? I realize it is very hard when your in this frantic anxiety state I too have been there qwite a few times.You feel lousey all the time ,you worry all the time about how you are feeling etc.You are in what I call a "rut" hun and the only way your going to start to come out of that rut is to take some action.I do know what you mean when you say you do not feel like yourself and maybe yourself is just gone.I have been there and that is all part of the "derealization" and "depersonlization" which are major anxiety symptoms.Whether you also have something else going on with your health I do not know that for sure but as the poster above said if you do not take some action to deal with this anxiety you will keep stuck in this rut with no improvement.You say you are having a really hard time even getting out the bed in the mornings to send your child off to school now I know that is causing you even MORE stress and anxiety amoung other things you feel unable to do right now same thing MORE stress resulting in yet MORE anxiety.That is the vicious cycle.So my hope for you is to take some action even if you must find a new doctor being the one you have now does'nt seem to be helping you any.The idea of setting up a plan of action as the last poster said may be the way for you to begin some people do better that way.Please just take some action for your sake and your childrens sake.

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