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Thanks for your reply, think doctors don"t really understand how bad it is this feeling yes my doctor did say that i asked him was it anxiety says he dosen"t know what it realy is.I said what about if i go into a coma he said your trouble will be over.I can"t stop thinking the way i feel an i am scared that it is going to drive me crazy and the doctor said "yes you could go crazy if i dont stop on about it"also is it normal for your eyes to be blurred all the time i wish the doctor would tell me what it is then i would be able to get on with getting better
Tweeny - I have suffered from anxiety for a long time now and for over a year I had exactly the same symptoms as you are describing. Exactly. Like you I didn't have the racing heart and extremely anxious feelings associated with panic attacks. I just had this permanent spaced, drunk, out of it feeling. It is horrible and I empathise with you so much.

I am getting better now slowly and it only happened once I started to accept that to some extent I am the one in control of my recovery. No matter how many tablets I am on or therapists I see it is me who is in charge of my life and it is only if I do the things that I know will work will I ultimately get better.

I know you are really worried that it is something else not anxiety and although I cannot say for sure that this is not the case, all I can say is that I too felt like that and self diagnosed myself with every kind of tumour etc. However I realized that this would have been picked up if it was the case.

Once you begin to really believe you can beat this and set yourself small goals every day you will slowly start to feel better I am sure.

Start to keep a journal so you can record how you are feeling and see your progress. Have you tried giving up caffeine which can really make anxious feelings worse? Also, even though some days it's really really difficult, I make myself go for a walk because just getting out and exercising in the fresh air really really does help even if all you want to do is curl up on your bed. The fact is you've done that and it's not helping. So you have nothing to lose by trying something else.

A couple of people on here have mentioned some self-help books. They are brilliant. You need to read and re-read them and just knowing you're NOT going mad, that there are other people feeling like you is helpful.

I know if feels hopeless now but honestly you can beat this. Please get the books, try walking daily, keeping a journal etc.

It can only help and can't hurt a bit.
HI, THANKS for everyone advice , but its really hard to live your life like i couldnt get out of bed to see to my baby i feel more out of it now im on tablets , like im just going to go in a coma , tablets should be lifting me not be making me feel more out of it and i keep getting a bad pain down the rignt side of my head and also my face feels all numb since ive been on tablets , and my doctors doesnt really say if its anxiety , he just says he doesnt know what it is , if he did say it was anxiety i would feel better about it . do you think we could have that mav what wowwwweeee as put in her post because mine come on in my pregnancy but if it was that mav can you have it 24 7? and wowwwwweeee who as told you about mav a doctor ? and can it last 247 without a break and can you take anything to get shut of this feeling ? and would it show up on a ct scan? thanks for everyones help it means alot.

Of course, you have to find a way to deal with your anxiety and physical symptoms in a manner that you can relate to and that works for you.

But you've got to start somewhere.

Maybe you should write down a plan of action, and then act on it. You sound a little out of control with your worry-thoughts, and a little unsure of how to get started feeling more yourself.

When I was dealing with so much anxiety, I felt alone, scared, and out of control. I worried so much that many times there was no room for anything else. Whether or not you are dealing with a medical condition that is making you feel so foreign to yourself, you do have to get a better hold on your anxiety or else nothing is going to feel better.

You may want to write down a physical list, and follow it. Cross things off as you go, so you can see yourself moving forward on finding a way to feel better.

Your list could look something like this:
[*]Make a list regarding all the things that I am feeling and worried about.
[*]Bring this list to my doctor.
[*]Make a decision to have a very open discussion with my doctor about how I am feeling. I will discuss my anxiety and physical symptoms.
[*]In this discussion, let my doctor know that I need a more professional approach other than the current treatment and attitude that he is giving me.
[*]Ask my doctor what could be causing your physical symptoms aside from anxiety. I will request to see a neurologist. Could the current medication I am taking add to my physical symptoms - maybe I should stop taking the medication or try a new one.
[*]If, after this conversation, I do not feel that this doctor is the best one suited to me to help me out or give me the compassionate attention that I need, I will look for another primary doctor.
[*]Keep a written journal of how I am feeling and thinking.
[*]Make myself get a little exercise every day, no matter how I am feeling.
[*]Set up counseling so that I can find a better way to react to my feelings, thoughts, and symptoms.
[*]I will buy that book called "Hope and Help for your Nerves" by Dr. Claire Weekes, which talks about all the feelings, thoughts, and limitations that people deal with who have anxiety.
Every day, have a challenging personal goal for yourself. Maybe one of your first goals will be to experience your anxiety in a more calmer manner when it washes over you. Maybe do something to make your anxiety worse so that you start to cope better.

Anxiety issues can make a person second-guess themselves, not trust their bodies, not trust their doctors, and worry all the time. This type of worry can ripple out to other areas of your life and hold tight, so that everything you do or think about revolves around how stressed you are.

I can't share with you enough how important it will be for you to be assured that you are healthy, and then accept your anxiety AS anxiety. If you continue to wonder whether you have something horribly wrong with you, you will continue to stay stuck in panic mode. That's why you may want to focus on getting medical reassurance that you are healthy, first, even if that means changing doctors.

People can have scary or unsettling physical symptoms WITHOUT being horribly ill. It's understandable that you do not feel or think this way, yet. A good doctor and a helpful counselor will allow you to ease up on these kinds of worry-thinking, so that you can focus on other aspects of feeling better.

It's time to put some of your worried energy into a more positive outlet, to YOUR advantage. But you have to make the first moves.

Your fears will ease up once you feel you have more physical and emotional control. But YOU have to take control, even if you are scared and too tired to do so.

Being scared of the things that you are, is a natural reaction to dealing with not feeling yourself and dealing with anxiety issues. But, being afraid of something does NOT mean it will happen just because you think about it and are afraid of it, and it does NOT mean that you can't do something.

Every day that you are living in fear, remember, you are still living.

Take care.
That last post was very good advice tweeny.So true if we do not take steps to help ourselves then who will? I realize it is very hard when your in this frantic anxiety state I too have been there qwite a few times.You feel lousey all the time ,you worry all the time about how you are feeling etc.You are in what I call a "rut" hun and the only way your going to start to come out of that rut is to take some action.I do know what you mean when you say you do not feel like yourself and maybe yourself is just gone.I have been there and that is all part of the "derealization" and "depersonlization" which are major anxiety symptoms.Whether you also have something else going on with your health I do not know that for sure but as the poster above said if you do not take some action to deal with this anxiety you will keep stuck in this rut with no improvement.You say you are having a really hard time even getting out the bed in the mornings to send your child off to school now I know that is causing you even MORE stress and anxiety amoung other things you feel unable to do right now same thing MORE stress resulting in yet MORE anxiety.That is the vicious cycle.So my hope for you is to take some action even if you must find a new doctor being the one you have now does'nt seem to be helping you any.The idea of setting up a plan of action as the last poster said may be the way for you to begin some people do better that way.Please just take some action for your sake and your childrens sake.

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