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I seem to be sensitive to practically everything such as caffeine, exercise, a little wine, when I get sick my anxiety and panic go through the roof, and it lasts weeks, I get panic attacks taking showers! The list can go on and on, but my point is, is that almost everything I do causes anxiety and panic. I had developed Bronchitis almost a month ago, and my breathing and sensations in my lungs is totally freaking me out! It feels like I'am going to stop breathing. My body gets extremely tense, and it feels like I'am going to die. That horrible feeling of impending doom. Ever since I came down with Bronchitis, my anxiety and panic have been so bad, I'am house bound again. Can anxiety disorders make you ultra sensitive like this?? It's just that everything is to the extreme with my body, there is no in between. I have not been house bound for a year, and now it feels like I'am back at square 1. I can't do this again. I will literally loose it. I'am crying right now, because of the thought of it, and I'am completely exhausted. I have taken Alprazolam (XR), and it has not touched my anxiety. I don't know what else to do. All I can think of is, I'am an extremely sensitized, so when the majority of people deal with these problems ''normally'', I just have a hard time handling. I would really like to know if this is the case with anxiety disorders, and also if the Vagus Nerve is sensitized and or affected by GAD. Sorry to go on and on, it's just that I'am really scared right now, and this is the only place I can go, and the people here know what it is like to go through this. Any replies will much appreciated.

Thanks a lot,


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