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I think those of you who said you need a therapist to give you a 'push' with the CBT are right. The books are great but I need someone to make me do it - or at least hold me accountable. It's an expensive way to be held accountable but I've hit the proverbial brick wall again lately. I've been on a very low dose of zoloft but I still find myself obsessing over the same old ridiculous things - friendships, my own, my children's, whether my children are happy...all the same old stuff. it's driving me, literally crazy. i can't enjoy things when I feel like this, and I just can't control my stupid, anxious, boring thoughts. It doesn't make you good company when you're anxious and paranoid all the time, does it? I think I need some different medication. Have tried xanax and get a bit of a 'hangover' feeling from it - anyone tried klonopin. I'm thinking I might try that next, if my doctor will let me. As well as going back for more therapy. Hope you're all ok. Thanks, Shorebird, for saying I'm smart and self aware. I am self aware - necessity breeds self awareness - and I can be smart, the 1% of the time when my brain space isn't totally taken up with anxiety. I wonder sometimes if I have ADD, my concentration span is so short, but I think it's anxiety.

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