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Yes! I highly recommend it. Unlike medication and some other treatments, I feel like CBT actually [I]fixes[/I] what is wrong with me, rather than putting a temporary band-aid over it. It has taught me so much about myself, and made me realize that I have complete control over my level of panic and anxiety. CBT is the only thing in my life that has ever made me feel like I could one day be a normal, happy, healthy person with a full life.

I do have one qualm about it, and that is that it's hard to stick with it. In my program, you fill out a weekly lesson in a workbook and do "assignments", keep a journal, listen to a weekly tape, plus do a relaxation tape twice a day and then go see a therapist once a week to talk about everything. It is a 4 month long program. That's a lot for someone as chaotic and irresponsible as me to handle. I keep starting and stopping the program, and am currently starting over because I got married and sort of put it on the backburner for a long time.

But if you really have the drive to get better and organizing all of those tasks is not a big problem for you, then I say go for it. I actually think that once I am through with the program, I will be better able to organize my time and prioritize.

The program I use is called Attacking Anxiety and Depression and it is published by the Midwest Center for Stress and Anxiety. Author is Lucinda Bassett. I didn't have to pay for mine, but I just looked it up on the Internet and it is $480 US dollars for the 15 week program. Comes with the books, tapes, DVDs, plus there is a hotline you can call to talk about it. Maybe this might be an option for you...I'd imagine 15 weeks of this for $480 is a lot less than 15 weeks of seeing a therapist.

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