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Hey everyone, I only posted on this board a few times and only talked with a couple people but i just wanted to share a few things. First off I've been battling horrible anxiety since august ('06) and it has absolutely been the worst time in my life. I'm 21 years of age and I had my first panic attack over the summer. Everything came crashing down in what seemed like a day, looking back on it though it had definitely been building up for a while. I lost about 20 pounds (and I was pretty thin as it is, went from 165 to 145) from the nausea and loss of appetite I was experiencing (picking up smoking played a factor as well). I was convinced I had some sort of horrible medical condition e.g. HIV, brain tumor etc. etc. and was scared to death. The thoughts consumed my mind from the time I woke up until the time I went to bed. I NEVER thought I would feel this way. I would go on the internet and look up symptoms and work myself up into a panic state. I started having major problems leaving my house in fear of dying or having a panic attack, had to withdraw from school this year and everything. I went to the doctor on numerous occasions and each time was told that everything was okay, one go around of blood work and all was perfect. I went to see a therapist and the first thing she did was make an appointment for me to so a psychiatrist. I was prescribed Lexapro but I was too scared to take it, and thankfully never did. I left that particular counseling service because I felt they were trying to push medication down my throat, when I didn't want to take it. I knew I had a problem but I didn't see how the medication would make me better, maybe it could help me when I'm on it, but what happens when I go off and the feelings come back again? I didn't want to be on medication for life. I later found a therapist who shared the same feelings as me about medication and also had some great insight on anxiety and let me tell you its made a world of difference. The first thing you really need to do is truly recognize that this is your overactive mind doing this, not some horrible disease. That step is so hard to do too and its a long journey there but its helps so much when you really, truly accept it. It obviously also helps a lot to always have someone to talk to about it whether it be family members, friends or a therapist...or all of those. Try to take a half hour or so out of your day to exercise, when we exercise it helps even out the serotonin in our brain which is a major contributor to anxiety. Always keep a positive mindset, as impossible as it can seem sometimes. And don't let anyone ,ever tell you that you can't beat this, or you it will be with you the rest of your life...cause it won't, you all can beat this. I once felt the same way, that my mind could never possibly go back to how it use to be before all of this came crashing down, but it can. My outlook is so much better today than it was say a few months ago and it was because I just said enough is enough, got help (from myself and others) and have really learned how to deal with this, without medication too. The physical symptoms are starting to dissipate, my mind is getting back on the right track, and I sincerely wish you all the same outcome in your journey, believe me I know how deflating this disease can be. Now I know everyone's anxiety is to a different degree, and I certainly understand mine wasn't as bad or as prolonged as some others, but one thing I would plead with all of you is please, please, please do not go on medication without honestly trying to stare this thing in the face first and really making a conscious effort to beat it. I genuinely believe, no matter the extent of your anxiety, that one can beat this without meds. Good luck and God bless.

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