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Without writing a 18 page letter on what has happened (I’m sure everyone could with their problem heh), let me give a brief description.

I started dating this girl whom I worked with just about a year ago. I thought all was well as I had seen no real problems to note. Then her mother died about 4 months ago. Of course her mood and everything changed. I noticed these changes but kept sort of silent as she never really shared emotions outside of the relationship. I tried to be there for her the best way I knew how. About 2 months ago I finally brought it up and asked what all was wrong and what she needed. We came to the conclusion to back off the relationship some and that she needed space to think about everything. The relationship had taken a very far back seat to other stuff happening in her life.

Well in the month and half leading up to last week I tried to be Mr Fix It and ended up smothering her. I would always tell her how beautiful she looked, ask her how she was, got her flowers, etc…on a very constant basis. I would also ask what she is up to, if anything special planned, etc and she took at I always wanted know all in her life and keeping tabs…which was far from truth. Any how, it leads up to last week she basically said for her own sanity we are ‘just friends’ and that she had to have her complete space, which I have given since then. No calls, no questions etc. She told me that she isn’t sue if she can ever get past things and start again with me.

Here is my main problem. I work with her and see her M-F every week. We work not more then like 15ft from each other in the same office. I have had A LOT of anxiety over the past month and half. Always restless, wanting to be on the move and with ppl, feeling real low about myself, waking up a lot and real early, always tired, etc. It gets worse when I am here at work to the pt I can’t focus on work and such and all I do think about is her, how to fix things, etc. It has been a little better the past few days, but the anxiety is still heavily there, it just seems that it isn’t focused on ‘her’ as much as it is general anxiety and obsessing over the littlest things. In the back of my mind though I do think just going over and talking will make everything better, which of course is the last thing I should be doing.

Anyone have suggestions on how to deal with the Anxiety when I am stuck home alone and also especially how to do deal with it at work and I have to be around here. I’m also looking for new ways to meet ppl as all my friends I basically met thru her and right now that is a little awkward for me.

…and yes sadly I still do harbor some ‘hope’ that things can work out down the road with her.

Thanks for any help!

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