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I have always had a bit of anxiety and I have had a bad "flare up" if you will lateley.I was having panic attacks at night that I thought was my heart.Dr said no it was anxiety.Started with Zanax for attacks,moved up to Lexapro which didn't work.Tried Effexor,bad side effects.Wellbutrin which made anxiety worse.Cymbalta which I prayed for cause I have heard it helps with the pain issues I have.Bad side effects.And FINALLY Prozac cause I was able to tolerate it years ago.I have also tried Zoloft,Paxil,generic Prozac,Ativan through the years.I really can't say if uping your dose has caused your problems.I am on day 6( I just counted pills) and I am taking 20 mg.I still am having a bit of stomach probs but I can already feel a difference with my anxiety.I also think it has helped with my "pain" a bit.I definately recommend continuing it.Have you discussed it with your doctor?Even though I don't think most of them have a clue cause they have never personally gone through any of this.I want to slap everyone that tells me not to worry about the things I can't control.Let me know what you decide to do and how it is working out for you.
I am on day 7 of 20 mg. now and I had a horrible day yesterday.I had chest pain all day and horrible anxiety.I kept having hot flashes.I went to bed with horrible heartburn.Of course,by the time I went to sleep,I was pretty sure it was a heart attack.I have not had the "magic day" happen yet.But yesterday was definately "nightmare day".Hope it gets better!

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