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Does anyone else have hypervigilance? I think a large part of my health problems are casued by being so overly sensitive to every sensation in my body, especially the chest, neck and head. I feel my pulse everywhere in my body and get a very tight sensation in my chest, neck, throat and head (the head feels like loads of pressure is building up inside). It's as if any change in blood pressure etc I can feel becasue I've become so in-tune/obsessed with my health over the past 4 years (my blood pressure is normal, though I'm told even if it is high you wouldn't be able to feel it). I've seen many docs and specialists who think there's nothing physically wrong, but when you feel so much discomfort all the time it's hard to just accept that you haven't got a heart problem - I've always worried about my heart for no good reason. I do think people with anxiety tend to misread symptoms too. For instance, when I drink a fizzy drink, I get a pain in my left shoulder straight away. I of course panicked and thought, this must be my heart, though it's more likely indigestion.
Anyone else have this hypervigilance thing? I've tried all kinds of treatments with psychiatrists but most just seem to be waffle and platitudes that don't help. Am about to try Zoloft so I have my fingers crossed (the only thing that takes away my symptoms is Ativan, but for obvious reasons that has only been a short term treatment). Sorry for going on - just looking for someone who can empathise as this has ruined my life ovwer the last 4 years.
Thanks. :)

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