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I think your problem is very common. Some people just have higher levels of nervousness than others. I've been on zoloft too and it did help with my nervousness. A lot. But I came off it because i felt really numb on it and i didn't like that. You could try a naturopathic supplement or a homeopathic one. Fish oil is apparently very good for anxiety. As is a good B multi vitamin and large amounts of vitamin C. And calcium and magnesium supplements. Perhaps you could go on zoloft in the short term, but get a good nutritional programme going at the same time and maybe some time in the not too distant future gradually ease off the zoloft.

If you want to know more about the nutrition stuff read a book called 'Optimum Nutrition for the Mind' by Patrick Holford. He talks about various health problems like depression and anxiety and what sort of nutritional supplements help with them. But yes, Zoloft helped me too, so it is a solution, but maybe not a long term one. I was on it for a year.

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