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What are the side effects you're having? I've been on 5mg of lexapro for about 10 days now, and even at 5mg I'm having bad side-effects. I'm tired as hell, unmotivated, don't really care about anything at all. I also get these headaches and mild fluish symptoms. And overall, I just feel somber and numb. I was supposed to go up to 10mg after a week, but fark that. I'm having a hard enough time at 5mg.

I started taking lexapro for depression and anxiety. Until then, I was heavily self medicating with alcohol. But even then, at least I had PHYSICAL energy. I was down emotionally almost all the time, and had bad anxiety in social settings as well as claustrophobic situations. But I had physical energy! I could force myself to exercise, and I could vent my frustration into productive venues at least occasionally. Now I'm just kinda dead to the world and I hate it. I'm gonna hang in there another few weeks and see what happens. But I may eventually jump ship.

I'm convinced however that the following is true for anybody: Regardless of your situation, regular exercise and a mildly healthy diet improves, doesn't cure, but greatly improves symptoms.

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